sight words for kindergarten

Kindergarten Sight Words

Get Ahead in Reading and Writing!

My mom is a Kindergarten teacher in California, and one of the things she works hard on with her students is recognizing sight words. Sight words for kindergarten students are the basic building blocks toward reading.

As adults with years and years of experience reading, we no longer have to sound out words. Words do not even need to be spelled correctly and we can still read and understand! Take this famous example often shown in psychology classes:

you can read even if letters are mixed

This is pretty neat!

And it is the same principle behind kids learning sight words in Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and beyond! There are certain high-frequency words that appear in the English language and it is important kids can recognize them, read them, understand them, and move on without a lot of mental energy being spent.

Here is a good list of sight words to start with for kindergarten students. As your kids master these, add more and more!

Use flashcards to quiz your kids and make it a fun game. Give it a fun name like “Word Quest” or “Brain Training” or “Sight Right.”

Also, feel free to print out this image and cut into flashcards for use right away. 🙂

sight words for kindergarten

And one last tip, if your child is not yet in Kindergarten, give him or her a head start! Kids love these kids of engaging activities and if they can start reading sight words for Kindergarten before they get to school, then that is a terrific advantage for their reading success and academic self-confidence.

Happy Reading!

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