Virgo Traits

Virgo Traits That Make Them Unique

Ever have a friend whose life is actually falling apart but still manage to give out perfect advice? If so, then chances are your friend’s zodiac sign is Virgo. 

Known for their great advice and practical approach in life, Virgos are often viewed as the cool and stoic friend. 

They naturally stand out and draw attention because of their sarcasm and witty humor

If you are a Virgo or know anyone who is a Virgo, then you might want to stick around and read more about them.  

What makes a Virgo?

Anyone who is born on August 23 to September 22 is a Virgo. They belong in the earth elements of the zodiac along with Taurus and Gemini.

Virgos are the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac and they are often represented with the symbol of the maiden. 

The maiden is recognized for her pure intentions and individualistic nature. They are viewed as kind, practical, and independent. 

Their ruling planet is Mercury, which is the smallest and closest planet to the sun. 

Mercury is fitting to the image of a Virgo because even though they are often small and go unnoticed, their actions are still impactful because of their proximity and closeness with other people. 

Since their ruling planet is closest to the sun, you would always find Virgos’ defenses to be up. 

In line with the general Virgo traits, it is rare to find any Virgo with their guards down. Their practical approach in life has led them to be more private and defensive.

Virgo traits

These earth signs are usually branded as distant and cold. 

In reality, Virgos are soft and cheerful. Others mistake them for being standoffish because of their modest and perfectionist personality.  

There are never dull moments when you are with a Virgo. They are always down to try and experience new things with you. 

With their high emotional quotient, they tend to avoid conflicts and channel their negative energy towards something else. 

If you are looking for a stress-relieving activity, then you can just call your Virgo friend and ask. Chances are they would suggest several ways to relieve stress, and who knows, they might even come with you to de-stress. 

In terms of friends and family, Virgos are the complete opposite of distant and cold. They are willing to go to great lengths just to maintain a solid relationship with them. 

Their friends and families see them as dedicated, attentive, and nurturing to others. With their wit and Virgo traits, they are mostly the center of attention whenever they meet and hangout. 


Having said the above, Virgo hardly takes an offensive approach. Their key strengths are their defense mechanism. 

Rather than facing their problems head-on, Virgos are calculative and would work hard to find ways to prevent any problems from happening. 

“Prevention is better than cure” is probably their abiding principle. 

That being said, Virgos are more discerning and less welcoming as compared to other zodiacs. 

Unlike other zodiacs like Cancer, they like to keep their circle close so that they would not face many problems and they would not have a hard time maintaining it. 

Their cunning nature is also one of their key strengths. These earth signs’ logics are grounded and strictly defined. They are well-organized and like to plan ahead. 

With their calculative nature, they learn to develop a razor-sharp focus that helps them achieve their goals. This also makes them more assertive when it comes to decision making. 


Since it is rare to see any Virgo without their defenses, they have a hard time opening up to others. As a result, they just internalized their problem and suffer alone. 

In doing so, they lose their momentum and motivation to achieve anything. Their problems would pile up and in turn, they would have a hard time putting themselves back together. 

Virgos are also often misunderstood because of their lack of ability to express themselves. They are unlike the air signs Libra and Aquarius, who are known for being expressive and vocal.

Despite their pure and genuine intentions, others just often misinterpret them. 

So to cope with this flaw, they allot a huge amount of time and effort in everything they do. This, sometimes, backfire because they tend to get stuck in the details and fail to accomplish other tasks. 

Another result of this flaw is that they worry too much about what others have to say. As a result, they lose their confidence and have a hard time excelling in other areas.


Given that Virgos have a hard time expressing their emotions and opening up to others, forging new relationships is especially difficult for them. 

However, once they form a genuine connection and bond with other people, their relationships often last. Virgos are excellent at maintaining relationships over establishing new ones. 

So you would often find Virgos with a longtime friend or partner. 

When it comes to relationships, they are known to be reliable and take their responsibility as a partner very seriously. This, in turn, makes them a perfect companion in the long-run. 

Virgos have an intense personality and they are commonly the dominating ones in a relationship. From their perspective, it is easier to maintain a relationship if they are in control. 

But, despite taking on the bigger role in a relationship, they are still sensitive, passionate, and considerate. 

Those who are in a relationship with Virgos are fortunate because they are rarely showing their affection even when they are with their friends or family. 


Virgos are fond of people who have great confidence and ambition. They like to be in a strategic relationship where they can be inspired and motivated to grow.

Since they are really observant, they like it when other people remember small details about them. In a way, they are sentimental and secretly romantic. 

For them, it is the little things that matters the most. They find it particularly attractive when others are consistent even with the tiny details.

Despite being known for their self-indulgence; Virgos are not that impressed with big or grand romantic gestures. In their mind, it is all trivial gestures that do not impact a relationship in the long-run. 

From a Virgo’s perspective, they can just self-indulge and buy gifts for themselves. They do not need other people to do that for them. 

What they truly value the most is respect and boundaries. These are the most important things that they expect in a relationship. 


Virgos have an ingrained hatred of dishonest people. They would rather face the cold hard truth than being lied to. 

Whenever someone lies to them, they feel defenseless and they get the feeling that they are being played to. Since we previously established that Virgo usually does not let their guard down, they feel helpless when they are being lied to. 

Because of their individualistic Virgo traits, they, in turn, feel indifferent when others become overly reliant on them. 

Virgos only have high praises for those who are independent and can stand on their own feet. Being too dependent on others repulses them. 

With the amount of hard work and dedication they put through in every task, it is widely off the mark if they end up with someone who is overly reliant on other people. 

These earth signs are naturally grounded and humble so they are not particularly fond of bragging and showing off their relationship. They highly value their privacy and inner peace.

What makes a Virgo unique?

Virgo always pays attention even to the tiniest detail. That being said, every bit of their personality and characteristics are uniquely different. 

They are quite observant with the matters of everyday life so they like to take it upon themselves to be different from others. 

Their strong and perfectionist Virgo traits compel them to be more analytical and calculative in their actions. 

Moreover, their selfless attitude is truly reflective of their zodiac symbol. They only have pure intentions and they only want the best for others. The maiden’s poised demeanor and wit flawlessly paint a picture of their whole Virgo traits. 

They like to diplomatically resolve conflict and they have a biting/insightful sense of humor. 

Others mistake Virgo as a passive and aloof person. When in reality, they are the most caring and committed person you would ever meet. 

They may be hard on the outside, but once you get to know them, you would find that they are gentle and easy to get along with.

Virgo traits have a positive and negative connotation. It is what makes them unique and different from the other zodiacal signs. 


Virgos are methodical and thorough. They always plan ahead before taking any action.

One of the drawbacks to these Virgo traits is that they read too much into everything even when it is unnecessary. 

Since they are naturally curious and want to soak up all the information they can get, they become too focused on one subject that they fail to explore the other areas. 

These Virgo traits are both beneficial and restraining. On the one hand, they managed to master all the stuff that they need to learn; on the other hand, their knowledge becomes limited to only one subject. 


With their individualistic nature, Virgo have learned to overly spoil and treat themselves. 

They love their own company and they are not afraid to be alone. Since they have mastered the art of being independent, they hate asking anything from anyone. 

Virgos would rather suffer and live in their own world than ask help from anyone. 

In a way, this Virgo trait is both a good thing and a bad thing. They can stand on their own feet and not be reliant on anyone; however, they have a hard time connecting with anyone outside their bubble. 


One of the most prominent traits of a Virgo is being modest. 

You would rarely see any Virgo bragging or boasting about their achievement. It is against their nature to do so because Virgos are commonly grounded and humble. 

However, being modest oftentimes result in them being overly critical of themselves. Since they do not have anyone to share their achievements with, they see every flaw and error in what they do. 

In turn, they think too little of themselves because they receive little to no validation from others. 

Reasons to love a Virgo

If you are looking for a healthy, lasting relationship where you and your partner can both grow, then chances are Virgo might be the most compatible one for you. 

When it comes to relationships, Virgos are generous and patient. They give more and they tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Unlike other people, Virgos have a long patience and they are always willing to give people a second chance. 

They like to give their all and they are prepared to go the extra mile for the people they love and care about. 

Meticulous and single-minded

Without a doubt, Virgo’s loyalty would last a lifetime. 

As we have established before, they find it difficult to establish new relationships. In turn, they just work hard on the ones they have now. 

Once you establish a connection with Virgo, you would have a bright life every day. Since Virgo values their inner peace and boundaries too much, you would face little to no problem along the way. 

It may not be as exciting or thrilling as other people’s relationships, but you are always certain that they would always be there for you through thick and thin. 


While not all Virgo traits are perfect, they have their own kinks and charms that make them uniquely different from others.

To recap, we have discussed several traits that makes up a Virgo

All in all, we just have to deal with the fact that not all zodiacal signs are perfect. 

Virgos just needs to work hard in order to succeed and be able to enjoy the little things in their life.

Want to learn more about other signs?

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