Libra Traits

Understanding Libra Traits

Libras are naturally calm and composed. They are the epitome of peace and serenity. 

Their fair and empathic personality is what draws people to them. They are bold and not afraid to fight for what is right. 

With their superior moral compass, they seem to be always on the hunt for justice and equality. 

If you are a Libra or you happen to know one, then you might want to stick around and read more about them. 

What does being a Libra mean?

Anyone who is born on September 23 to October 22 is a Libra. They belong in the air elements along with Gemini and Aquarius

As with any air signs, they are free-spirited and like to fill up space. 

Their zodiac symbol explains why they are always on the hunt for justice and equality. The balance scale materializes their objective and represents the general Libra traits. 

Often associated with Themis, the Greek personification of divine law and customs, Libra would make a perfect lawyer or prosecutor someday. 

That being said, they can easily intervene and resolve any conflict that comes in their way. Being a great communicator and negotiator makes them a go-to person whenever there is a conflict. 

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, so just like Taurus, they are also fond of new, expensive, material things. Art, music, and culture are the things that give them pleasure the most. 

Libra traits

This air sign is often mischaracterized for being apathetic and indifferent. When in reality, they are always concerned about the well-being of others and are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Libra does not shy away from confrontations but their approach is always gracious and diplomatic. Rather than being tactless and harsh, they are cautious and diplomatic with their words.

They can easily win any argument through critical thinking and logical reasoning. Since they sound naturally convincing and believable, they are able to easily influence others through their reasoning. 

With that, Libra always takes into account how others would feel.

One of their best Libra traits is their ability to empathize with other people. Not many people know this, but despite their opinionated and bold personality, Libras are really gentle and caring. 

Once you get to know them, you would realize that they have a charming personality underneath that strong façade they are showing. 


With a zodiac symbol of a balancing scale, it is no wonder why Libra is a good communicator and negotiator. They are able to mediate and resolve a conflict in just a manner of minutes.

Their strengths mainly stem out from their love and interest in reading. They are great communicators because they like to read books as a hobby and during their free time. 

Another thing to add to their list of strengths is how organized and well-put they are. Libra takes pride in their ability to prepare and plan ahead. 

They protect their image and reach fair decisions by doing extensive research and planning ahead of time. So it is no longer a surprise that their personality is centered around being impartial, just, and equal. 

It is also worth mentioning that Libra accepts criticisms and admits their own faults. Given that they are great negotiators, they can point out and admit the flaws in their own arguments. 


Being too idealistic sometimes only led to disappointment. 

Fueled by great intentions and ambitions from the start, they have a hard time allocating their energy so they easily get tired from the get-go. 

Since Libras are full of hope and positivity, they hit rock bottom every time they are disappointed. 

As a result, they lag behind their schedules because they have a hard time picking themselves up.

During these downtimes, they become unreliable and they just drown themselves in self-pity and self-wallowing. 

Since Libra does not like others to meddle in their problems, they have a hard time opening up to their friends and family.

But once they finally overcome these weaknesses, they become unstoppable.

Other Libra sees these weaknesses as part of their thought and emotional process. From their perspective, experiencing these downtimes are what motivates them to do better and try harder the next time.  


When it comes to relationships, Libra is known to be forgiving and fair-minded.

Whether it is a romantic or even a business relationship, they always think of their actions critically and logically before they do it. 

Their attitude in a relationship is greatly reflective of the general Libra traits. They are tactful and gentle to other people.

One of their most prized personalities is their intellectual empathy in a relationship. They are willing to go the extra mile just to genuinely connect and understand their partner. 

Given that their ruling planet is Venus, their love language is mostly through presents and other material things. 

This, however, does not mean that Libras are not affectionate. Libras are known for being gentle and diplomatic, so it is safe to assume that they are thoughtful and kind in relationships as well. 

Aside from that, they can also be an endless source of inspiration for their partners. 

Since Libra is an over-achiever and they constantly prove their competence in different areas, their partners would never be bored and lonely.


Libras are naturally drawn to kind-heartedness and sympathetic people. 

With their paramount goal to help and bring justice to others, their significant other should share the same sentiments as well. 

Their belief and advocacy is the most important factor in their relationship. Libra would find it hard to relate and open up to other people if they are both on the opposite ends or extremes. 

Even though their qualities do not match, what is most important to a Libra is their partner’s principle and moral compass.

Libras are also fond of people who question and challenge them. From their perspective, these types of people would encourage them to be better. Aside from that, they also view these types of people as someone they can openly talk to and depend on. 

Despite their individualistic nature in their careers, Libras are reliant on their partner when it comes to relationships. So they are mostly attracted to other zodiacal signs with strong and dominant personalities. 


Their apparent Libra traits make their dislikes easy to notice and determine. 

Given that they are known to be just and diplomatic, Libra hates its counterpart, which is injustice and violence. 

They would instead settle a conflict in a relationship in a more civil way rather than resulting in aggression and hostility. 

Libra highly values their inner peace so any disruption or nuisance with their flow is a big threat to them.

Besides, any Libra would find it hard to be with someone who is disorganized and indecisive. Given that it is against their prominent Libra traits; they often make an effort to cut these people out of their life. 

Since Libra values their reasoning over their emotions, they would just easily cut off people who are not worth their time. From their perspective, being in the wrong place and surrounded by the wrong people would only draw them away from their actual cause. 

What makes a Libra unique?

Libras’ inner core personality is what shapes them and makes them unique. Their moral high ground and strong-willed inner core are reflective of all the Libra traits. 

Libra being impartial and idealistic reflects their inner personalities. Rather than riding the waves in the same direction, they are willing to go against the current just to prove and fight for what they believe in. 

Aside from being bold, fearless, and passionate in their advocacies, Libras are also a great conversationalist (one of the perks of being opinionated)

Since they like to read books and spend time with their friends, they make great company because they have a lot of fun and exciting new stories to tell. 

Even though others mistake their intellect for being too self-righteous, they try to stay grounded and remain humble at all costs. 

They celebrate their little or every day wins by themselves and they do not like bragging about their achievements to others. 

Like a wallflower, Libras are always present but they often go unnoticeable from the crowd. They usually distanced themselves from others in order to avoid stirring (or even solving) any conflict. 


Despite not being a fire sign, Libras also have a fiery, passionate, and determined personality. 

They are ardent advocates of justice and equality. When the situation calls for, they are willing to step up and fight for what they believe in. 

Libras have the ability to motivate and inspire other people with their cause. Their dedication to their advocacies compels other people to join and rally behind them. 

So little by little, Libra helps make the world a better place to live in, one advocacy at a time.

They may not be a perfect leader, but the effort and inspiration they provide to other people are more than enough to stir big and actual changes. 


Given that they have resolved several conflicts in their lifetime, it is safe to assume that they have become more articulate than others. 

Libras are fond of reading and researching so most of their values and opinions are backed by data and research. 

It is hard to argue with a Libra because they are articulate and careful with their words. 

All of their arguments and reasoning are fact-based. So unlike others, their views and opinions are not based on hearsay and are not formed out of a whim.

They are thorough and like to do extensive research before blurting out and stating their reasoning or arguments.


One of the perks of being a great communicator and negotiator is sounding more convincing and believable to others.

With that, they can easily influence and recruit other people to join their cause. 

Despite being a wallflower, their social and communication skills force them to master the art of convincing as well. 

That being said, it is one of the best traits that makes them unique because mastering the art of convincing is the opposite of their wallflower personality. 

Reasons to love a Libra

Libra can easily make you feel comfortable and at ease. Once you establish a genuine connection with them, you are in for an exciting, fulfilling, and worthy journey. 

Their main objective has always been to help others. So when you are in a relationship with a Libra, you would be compelled to give up your time for the sake of helping others. 

Since they are also a great listener and a communicator, you would not have a hard time opening up and sharing your problems with them.

With their genuine and honest trait, you are always sure that they are not lying to you. Although, their straight-forward remarks might still hurt sometimes. 

Nevertheless, you would have an endless supply of inspiration and you will never be bored if you love a Libra. 

Considerate to others

Given that Libra has always been gracious and has probably resolved a lot of conflicts in their lifetime, it has now become their innate nature to always be considerate of others like earth signs Virgo and Taurus.

They know what it is like to be on both the losing and winning ends, so they highly regard the opinions and feelings of others.

With their extensive experience in resolving conflict, they have learned to pick and even graciously turn down battles. 

Rather than participating in minor or unimportant confrontations, they would instead save their strengths for those that are worthy and have greater importance. 


Do you know any Libra in your life? Does any of these traits ring any bell?

To briefly recap, we have discussed several Libra traits such as

In the end, you will never win an argument with a Libra if you lack preparation.

Want to learn more about other signs?

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