Pisces Traits

Knowing More About Pisces Traits

Ever had a friend that gives great advice and often exudes big therapist energy? If so, there is a higher chance that they are a Pisces. 

The reason why they give out great advice is that they are known for being compassionate and empathetic towards other people. They are usually their friends’ go-to person whenever they have problems. 

So if you are a Pisces or you just happen to know one, then you might want to stick around to learn more about them.

What does being a Pisces mean?

Anyone who is born on February 19 to March 20 is a Pisces. They belong in the water elements along with Scorpio and Cancer

Like any water signs, they are chilled and laid-back people. 

Coincidently, Pisces is a Latin word for fish so their zodiac symbol is also a fish. 

With their zodiac symbol fitting with their zodiac element, it is no longer a surprise why Pisces are known for being approachable and easy-to-get along with. 

In Greek mythology, their zodiac symbol is often represented by a koi fish. Aside from that, they are usually associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. 

Following this line of reasoning, people generally view Pisces as charismatic, charming, and beautiful. 

Their ancient ruler is the largest planet Jupiter and their modern sign ruler is the farthest planet Neptune. 

Like the largest planet Jupiter, Pisces often attract attention to themselves. Apart from that, some also consider the planet Neptune as a lucky planet. 

So if your friend is a Pisces, then they probably have a fortunate life ahead of them. 

Pisces traits

This water sign is often mistaken as overly emotional and gullible. In reality, they are the complete opposite.

Pisces are well-disciplined and have great self-control. Besides, they can easily mediate and take control of any situation. 

Besides, they are known for being incredibly clever and cunning. Pisces are not easily fooled and convinced by other people because they have their own standards and threshold when it comes to making decisions. 

Given that Pisces usually come from a well-off background, they are highly educated and well-read. So you would have to do your research and try harder in order to fool them. 

One of the defining Pisces traits is their empathy towards others. 

Given that they are generally well-read, they constantly challenge themselves and cultivate their sense of curiosity. 

In addition, they are aware of their biases and they try so hard to tone them down. 

As a result, their empathy towards others is unmatched and unlike any other zodiacs. 


With a zodiac symbol resembling the yin-yang, it is no wonder why most Pisces jives well with others. 

Since they are known for being easy to get along with, it is safe to assume that they are also great communicators and conversationalists.  

These core Pisces traits are often linked to them being creative and generous to other people.

That being said, it may also be the reason why they are highly empathic and are almost always in tune with other peoples’ emotions. 

Another thing to add to their list of strengths is their good instincts. Their hunch and intuition are almost always right. 

As we have mentioned before, their sign ruler Neptune might be one of the contributing factors to their luck. It seems that wherever Pisces go, luck and fortune always seems to follow them.

So it is no longer surprising why most Pisces we know are often successful and thriving, both in their personal and professional life. 


Pisces are overly trusting. This is one of their greatest weaknesses because they are often misled and disappointed by other people.  

Filled with good intentions and desire to help others, they become too trusting and overly chummy with the wrong people. 

Since Pisces are highly empathic, they have a hard time discerning other peoples’ intentions towards them. 

Even though they often experience being misled to, it still crushes their spirit every time other people lets them down. 

As a result, they find it difficult to piece themselves back together. 

For a while, they get stuck in self-loathing and self-wallowing. During times like these, they lose sight of their goals and they become too lazy (and sad) to function. 

Given that Pisces are well-put and likes to be organized, they often lag behind their schedules in times like these. 

To offset this, they do a lot of reading and researching to avoid being misled to. This way, they would not have to experience having their spirits crushed again.  


When it comes to relationships, Pisces is known to be forgiving and fair-minded.

Whether it is a romantic or even a business relationship, they always think of their actions critically and logically before they even do it. 

Their attitude in a relationship is greatly reflective of the general Pisces traits. As we have briefly pointed out, this water sign is generally chilled and laid-back. 

So when it comes to relationships, Pisces likes to take things slow and savor every moment with their partner or companion. 

They are generally not the dominating figure in a relationship. However, their Pisces traits have allowed them to take charge every once in a while. 

Being well-read and educated, they handle conflicts in a relationship more gently and diplomatically. 

Pisces are also known for being thoughtful and understanding with their partner. Since they have a high emotional quotient, they are used to maintaining their composure and managing their emotions. 


Pisces are naturally drawn to loving and compassionate people. 

With their paramount goal to help others, they are naturally attracted to people who also share and manifest that same sentiment. 

Since Pisces are highly empathic, they like it when others open up to them. It makes them feel more valued and appreciated, especially when it comes to relationships. 

From a Pisces perspective, it takes great courage and a high amount of trust for people to be able to freely express and share their feelings with others.  

So whenever people open up and share their feelings with them, they are overjoyed and, at the same time, grateful for the amount of trust that these people have given to them. 

Pisces are also fond of people who are selfless and altruistic. This is no longer surprising given that we have mentioned a few times that Pisces are naturally emphatic. 


Their apparent Pisces traits make their dislikes easy to notice and determine. 

Given that they are known to be emphatic and generous, it makes perfect sense that they do not like people who are indifferent and greedy. 

Pisces are also not a fan of being put in the spot. Since they think critically and always like to plan ahead, expecting them to make an impulsive decision would not bode well.

Apart from that, Pisces also value their inner peace. So they are not particularly fond of any nuisance or disruption during their breaks or vacations.

Besides, any water sign would find it hard to get along with someone who is always energetic. Since they are known for being chilled and laid back, they easily get tired from doing any simple task. 

Unlike earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo), Pisces would easily drain their energy if they are always with someone who is hyperactive 24/7. 

What makes a Pisces unique?

Pisces’ inner core personality is what shapes them and makes them unique. Their moral high ground and emphatic inner core are reflective of all the Pisces traits. 

So them being impartial and compassionate are truly reflective of their inner personalities. Rather than making harsh and impulsive decisions, they like to be more considerate and give people the benefit of the doubt. 

Aside from being generous and considerate, Pisces also makes a great company. As we have mentioned before, their Pisces traits jives well with others. 

Having said that, it is safe to assume that they are great listeners and they always have fun and exciting stories to tell. 

Even though others mischaracterize their kindness as overbearing, they still do not resent them and they always try their best to understand them. 

Their ability to easily forgive others and never be judgemental towards them is what makes a Pisces unique from the other zodiacs.


Despite being able to easily get along with others, Pisces are an elusive person. 

Since their high empathy has led them to adapt and change their disposition whenever they are with someone else, no one really knows about their true and genuine personality other than their partner. 

Being elusive and mysterious is what sets them apart from the other zodiacs. 

However, being elusive also has its disadvantages. Given that people usually cannot place them with others, they often come across as unmemorable and forgettable. 

Unlike other zodiacs that have several defining and memorable traits, Pisces does not give off any remarkable or memorable vibe. 


Given that they have helped several people in their lifetime, it is safe to assume that they are wiser than the other zodiacs 

Like Libra, Pisces are also fond of reading and researching so most of their values and opinions are backed by data and research. 

Oftentimes, it is hard to argue with them because of their vast knowledge and articulate points. In fact, they have almost always won every argument in their life. 

On that note, they pick their battles and avoid confrontation when they are unaware of the subject. 


Since Pisces are highly empathic, it is no longer a surprise that they are also more forgiving than others. 

They have grown tired of being resentful and holding grudges towards others. 

So as a result, they have become more forgiving and more generous in giving people a second chance. By doing this, they are able to reconcile with others a lot more. 

As compared to other zodiac, Pisces lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. They experience less stress, anxiety, and hostility because they are at peace with themselves and others. 

Reasons to love a Pisces

Loving a Pisces is like experiencing a familiar feeling. With their undisturbed and peaceful aura, they can easily make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Once you establish a genuine connection with a Pisces, you are in for an exciting, fulfilling, and worthy journey of your life. 

As we have mentioned before, they are naturally elusive and only their partner is the one who truly understands and gets them. 

So being in a relationship with a Pisces is like slicing through several layers of an onion. They look simple and plain on the outside, but they are layered and complex on the inside. 

There is more to them than meets the eye.

Once you truly relate and connect with them, you would be amazed at how unique and surprising their real personality is.  

So aside from their empathy towards other people, Pisces are also interesting and a one of a kind person. 

Considerate to others

Like Libra, Pisces are known for being considerate to others. 

With their empathic Pisces traits, it has become their innate nature to always be considerate and think of others’ well-being before themselves. 

Since they know what it is like to be on both the losing and winning ends, they highly regard the opinions and feelings of others.

With their extensive experience and highly empathic skills, they have learned to gracefully turn down battles that are not worth it.

Rather than participating in minor or unimportant conflicts, they would instead save their strengths in confrontations that have higher purpose. 


Do you know any Pisces in your life? Does any of these traits ring any bell?

To briefly recap, we have discussed several Pisces traits such as

Pisces are considerate and empathetic towards others which makes them a great friend and companion.

Want to learn more about other signs?

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