Leo Traits

Leo Traits | Knowing Their Likes and Dislikes

Apart from being extra, Leos have a big heart that can easily win you over. Their flamboyance and confidence make them the best friend to hang out with. 

They like extravagant things and gestures. 

It is always a go big or go home situation for them. 

Are you a Leo or can you think of any Leo in your life right now? If so, then you might want to stick around to learn more about them.

What does being a Leo mean?

Anyone who is born on July 23 to August 22 is a Leo. They belong in the zodiacal fire element along with Aries and Sagittarius.  

This earth zodiac is regarded as having great amounts of flair and flamboyance.

Being known for their energy and exuberance, it comes as no surprise that their zodiac symbol is a lion, which is often associated with the Nemean Lion killed by the mythical Greek hero Heracles meaning ‘Glory of Hera’. 

The fire element and the zodiacal symbol lion bode well together. It is no wonder why Leos have a strong and fiery personality. 

In addition to that, Leos are also ruled by the Sun so they are effective and powerful leaders as well.  

That being said, Leos are the epitome of strength, influence, and power. With their ruling planet and zodiac symbol alone, they already demonstrate and prove all these Leo traits to be accurate. 

Leo Traits

With the Sun as their sign ruler and Lion as their zodiac symbol, Leo traits are roaring with influence and supremacy.

Their ruler planet is reflective of their influential, passionate, and warm-hearted traits. In line with this, many people look up to Leo as their default leader and ruler. 

This makes them a strategic partner in the long-run. They are authoritative and are always willing to step up and take control of the situation. 

As for their brave and valiant personality like a lion, it makes them look more convincing to others. Being a natural-born leader, they have always been destined for greatness.

Their fearlessness also makes them a more strategic and calculative leader.  

Every time Leo makes big decisions, their charisma and cunningness jump out, which ultimately makes their governed more submissive and obeying to them. 

With that, it is no longer surprising why influence and supremacy are the utmost objectives of any Leo.


Since their ultimate goal is to influence others, they use their charm and charisma as their key strengths.

Leos like to make sure that their line of attack is always perfect, so they strategically map out their plan and go for the instant kill. This way, it puts them ahead of their enemies and competitors.

With superiority  as their driving force, every move towards their goal is carefully planned and analyzed.

That being said, they have no choice but to collaborate and work well with other people in order to successfully execute their plan. 

Rather than being alone and independent, Leos are heavily reliant on others. From their perspective, they are more productive and effective whenever they work with others.

Leos are always headstrong and determined. They are always ready to face their problems with poise, grace, dignity, and respect.

However, despite their determination to win, a Leo would still rather lose with their dignity intact than win and be left with no honor. 


Since they are ruled by the most powerful planet, having too much power can also have its drawbacks. 

Power is the main source of greed. There are times when a Leos would lose sight of their objective because they are drowned and blinded by too much power.

When this happens, they become selfish, overly indulge themselves, and are no longer mindful of the people around them.

Rather than using their power and influence to do something good, they instead succumb to their personal whims.

Since Leo tends to be extravagant, they are susceptible and gullible to grand gestures. Kids and young adults who are Leos have a hard time overcoming this drawback. 

As a result, others often take advantage of their weakness and they just end up getting hurt.

With that, Leo tries their best to overcome these drawbacks by becoming more cunning and perceptive. They are always on the lookout for red flags.


When it comes to relationships, their Leo traits often appeal to water signs like Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.

Since this fire element is known for their fiery personality, they are always looking for a partner who is a complete opposite. This way, it would evenly balance their Leo traits and personalities. 

As we have previously established, one of Leo’s paramount objectives is to be influential. So when it comes to relationships, they like to reign supreme and play the dominating role.

Being in a relationship with a Leo means you are in for a thrilling ride. Given that they are fond of romantic and big gestures, rest assured that everyday life with a Leo will always be full of surprises. 

They are willing to go the extra mile to win you over. From their perspective, doing extravagant things would make you more attracted to them. 

That being said, their signature Leo traits of being tenacious and dedicated truly shine whenever they are in a relationship.

So you are in for a long journey if you ever come across a Leo in your life.


Stability is one of the things that attract a Leo the most. 

Despite their lion-like nature, stability is the one thing that they truly value. 

With their sharp-like Leo traits, spending a lifetime with a specific person makes life a lot easier to handle.

Apart from that, they prefer different over familiar. They would rather spend a lifetime with someone different than be with someone who has the same qualities like them. 

Besides their usual grand romantic gesture, Leos also have their own unique ways of showing affection.

Despite enjoying the life of luxury, Leo would still choose and live the life of hardships if it means having to spend more time with their partner.

Having said that, their Leo traits are attracted and compatible with simple and modest people, which are their complete opposites. They just want to be with someone they can rely on and depend on.

Their go-to approach in every relationship is to direct all their energy to their partner.


Leo does not like being ignored. Since their Leo traits compel them to be more influential and powerful, being ignored by their partner would surely crush them.

Given that their goal in a relationship is to achieve stability, any act of dishonesty or unfaithfulness is a threat to them. 

Having said that, they immediately become indifferent when they see their partner taking advantage of other people.

Despite longing for power and influence, Leo is not the type of person who takes advantage of other people’s weaknesses just to get what they want. So they are repulsed whenever they see other people do it.

Rather than taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses, Leo would instead work hard to achieve their end goals. 

Their Leo traits and lion-like nature force them to wander and make their own way in life; so taking the easy way to the top does not sit well with them. 

What makes Leo unique?

Despite their lion-like traits, Leos are naturally calm and composed. 

They may be stubborn sometimes, but they are also generous, soft, and kind-hearted. 

Given that they like to make their own way in life, they are always strategic and cunning. Leo is a natural problem-solver so they have a creative and leader-like mindset. 

They would rather lose with honor than win without their dignity. 

In their mind, making it to the top requires hard work and perseverance. So if they do not work hard for it, then the end goal is just as trivial and unimportant. 

This leader-like and dignified mindset makes Leo unique.

Rather than taking the easy way to the top, it is more important that they work hard for it. With that, it is safe to assume that they are a persistent and dependable leader. 

It is not uncanny that they can also withstand and tolerate any problems that come their way. 


Since Leo longs for a stable and lasting relationship, they are loyal and faithful to their partners. 

Despite having a fiery temper and mood swings, loyalty is one of the things that stood out in a relationship out of all the Leo traits. 

Whether it is a business or romantic relationship, loyalty has become a fixed trait in every Leo. 

Being loyal is their way of giving back to their partners and it is also a way to assure them that they would always be there for them. 

This, in turn, makes every relationship of a Leo more lasting.


Being born as a great leader has led Leo to be more generous and giving to others. 

Leos tend to be more charitable and generous with their time, money, and attention. 

Given that most of them are born well-off, they are never frugal with what they have. As a great leader, it has become expected of them to share and help others.  

Leos are naturally selfless with material things. Instead of hoarding things for themselves, they give out their excess and share it with other people who are in need. 

In turn, they naturally attract people. 


It is no wonder why Leos belong in the fire zodiac element and lion is their zodiacal symbol; the color red and the zodiacal symbol lion perfectly represents their protective and nurturing Leo traits.

Like lions heeding their pride, they feel protective over the people around them. And given that they treat everyone around them like a family, Leo gets a sense of responsibility in protecting them.

Apart from that, their bold and burning personality enables them to go the extra mile just to protect and serve their family. 

It is one of the most admirable Leo traits. 

Reasons to love a Leo

Often associated with the mystical lion in Greek mythology, Leo can leave a lasting impression on the way you live.

They can easily change and influence your perspective in life, making you a better and more rounded person. 

Loving a Leo means you get to enjoy both the trivial and extravagant things. 

Aside from that, you would also become more forgiving because you now have a better understanding of what other people have to endure. 

A Leo would change your entire belief system, making you more reflective and discerning of your actions. 

That being said, you would also be attracted to material and beautiful things since Leos are fond of expensive and extravagant things.

Be that as it may, Leos have the power to make your life more thrilling and enjoyable. 

Irresistible and charismatic

These are the most powerful and influential charms of a Leo. 

Once you love a Leo, you would find that they are more than just their power and authority. They can also be gentle and charismatic.

Since living as a Leo means living life surely and comfortably, they just long for a simple and stable relationship.


If you know any Leos in your life, then it is best to check on them and see what they are doing. 

With that, we highly suggest you read up on them so that you can better understand what they are going through

Equipped with charisma and charm and the thirst for adventure, Leos can leave a lasting impression on the way you live.

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