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Everything You Need to Know About Taurus Traits

Aside from being stubborn, a Taurus is a reliable companion and a great shoulder to cry on. Their polar opposite traits perfectly balance each other out. 

Their stubbornness along with their gentle and caring nature oftentimes makes them the perfect friend to hang out with, especially during downtimes. 

Are you a Taurus or can you think of any Taurus in your life right now? If so, then you might want to stick around to learn more about them.

What does being a Taurus mean?

Anyone who is born on April 20 to May 20 is Taurus. They belong in the zodiacal Earth element along with Capricorn and Virgo

This earth zodiac is regarded for having great amounts of composure as well as a fixed disposition in life.

Being known for their stubbornness, it comes as no surprise that their zodiac symbol is a bull, which is often associated with the Bull of Heaven in Mesopotamian myths. 

The Bull of Heaven is somewhat related to the counterpart of the bull’s owner in Sumerian, who is a father of both gods and evil spirits.

This seamlessly explains why the bull is the symbol of a Taurus; they can hang with the gods and tame any evil spirits. 

Aside from that, Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus. They may be the epitome of beauty but they are also susceptible to any minor changes.   

That being said, the influence of Venus enables them to enjoy a life of luxury and find comfort even in the little thing in life.

Taurus Traits

With Venus as their ruler planet and bull as their zodiac symbol, Taurus traits are fitting to be both gentle and fierce. 

Their ruler planet is reflective of their beauty, patience, and devotion. In line with this, many people see Taurus as down-to-earth, sensible, and well-grounded. 

This makes them an excellent partner in the long-run. They are steadfast and are always ready to endure any hardship to help other people. 

As for their stubborn personality like a bull, it makes them more hardworking than others. With every task and responsibility assign to them, they always go beyond what is expected and put in extra effort to excel. 

Their stubbornness also makes them more strategic and well-organized. 

Every time a Taurus makes decisions out of their stubbornness, their resourcefulness and exceptional logic jump out, ultimately leading them on top and way ahead of their opponent. 

With that, it is no longer surprising why stability and security are their utmost objective of any Taurus.


Since their ultimate goal is security, a steady gradual stride to the top has always been their go-to approach. 

Taurus likes to make sure that their line of attack is always perfect, so they like to map out their plan and take things at a slower pace. By being patient, it makes them more committed to their goals. 

With security and stability as their driving force, every move towards their objective is carefully planned and analyzed.

As a consequence, they become more particular about the process. They are willing to take the long winding road as long as the results are guaranteed. 

Rather than taking the fast road, their Taurus traits compels them to drive through the road paved with flowers where they can see an end goal in sight.

Taurus is a pretty chilled partner/companion. They would not rush you, but instead would patiently wait for you to catch up. 

As long as they win and achieve their goals, it would not matter how long it takes. 

To a Taurus, what matters the most is the reward at the end. 


As with anyone ruled by the planet Venus, beauty can oftentimes be a major drawback. 

Beauty is one of the main culprits of hedonism. There are times when a Taurus would lose his way and pander to his every whim. 

When this happens, they overly indulge themselves and they are no longer mindful of the path that they are taking. 

Rather than just simply grazing the path with flowers towards their end goal, they instead become too immerse with the flowers to the point that they are no longer moving.  

Since Taurus tends to thorough and attentive to details, they are susceptible to the drawbacks of beauty. Kids and young adults especially have a hard time overcoming this drawback. 

As result, they focus too much on the detail that they sometimes lose track of time.  

With that, it would be best to simply work towards a goal they are truly interested in so that they would not be easily distracted along the way.


When it comes to relationships, their Taurus traits often appeals to zodiac signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Since they are known to have long patience, Taurus likes a partner who is also in the same chapter as them. It becomes difficult for them to communicate and convey their feelings to others if they are not on the same page with them. 

As we have said before, a Taurus go-to approach is steady and gradual. So skipping or turning back a few chapters is a tough ask for them.  

As cliché as it is, they swear by the saying that “nothing worth having comes easy”

They are willing to play the long game just to win you over. In their mind, they should always try harder and wait longer. 

That being said, their signature Taurus trait of being tenacious and resilient truly shine whenever they are in a relationship.

So you are in for a long journey if you ever come across a Taurus in your life.


Consistency is one of the things that attract a Taurus. 

Despite their bull-like nature, consistency is the one thing that they truly value the most. 

With their sharp-like Taurus traits, being with someone who is consistent makes their life a lot easier to handle. 

Apart from that, they prefer intimate over a public relationship. They would rather direct all their energy to you rather than use it to impress other people.

Taurus have their own unique ways of showing affection.

Despite enjoying the life of luxury, Taurus would choose a simple relationship in a heartbeat. They are not fond of extravagant gestures and signals when it comes to relationships. 

Having said that, their Taurus traits are compatible with a dependable and thoughtful person. Those who they can always rely on and those who are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Their approach in every relationship is to make the other person comfortable and secure around them. 


Taurus is not fond of changes. They would rather sit motionless than face any sudden changes.

Since their paramount goal is to achieve stability, any sudden changes that can disrupt this peace and stability is a threat to them.

Having said that, they do not like wasting time on trivial things and they are not necessarily fond of authority as well.

Rather than following an already-made path, they prefer to make their own way in life. 

The traits of a Taurus force them to wander and make their own way; so restricting and taking away this freedom would upset them. 

Therefore, a Taurus would have a hard time following rules and obeying other people. Their stubborn and individualistic personality often stands out in times like these. 

Still, they try their best and often adapt to situations where it is called for. 

Because in the end, Taurus’s gentle personality and long patience enable them to read the room and quickly adapt to any difficult situations.  

What makes a Taurus unique?

Despite their bull-like traits, Taurus are both practical and creative. 

They may be stubborn, but they are also relentless, passionate, and unshakeable. 

Given that they like to make their own way in life, they are always strategic and flexible. Taurus is a natural problem-solver so they have a practical and creative mindset. 

They would rather reap little to no benefit if it means taking the easy way through. 

In their mind, all things good things require effort. So if they do not work hard for it, then its quality is just as trivial and unimportant. 

This in turn makes a Taurus unique because they have a different worldview. 

Rather than look at their end goal, it is more important than their purpose amount to the effort they put in.

So it is safe to assume that they are hardworking, persistent, and dependable. 

It is not uncanny that they can also withstand and tolerate any problems that come their way. 


As we have said before, Taurus are strategic and like to carefully map out their plan. With that, they have an unfaltering spirit and they are not easily persuaded. 

Once they set out their own path, they become unstoppable, and, oftentimes, they have a hard time listening to advice from other people. Their Taurus traits make it hard for other people to reach out and help them. 

But despite all these, they are always motivated and determined to achieve their end goals. Their tenacious and unyielding nature makes them stronger and tougher. 

A Taurus would remain firm in their decisions and they always take responsibility for their actions. 

By having an unfaltering spirit, they are always ready and not easily tired. 


As the saying goes, “patience is a virtue.”

Given that Taurus are known to be patient, they have an unwavering faith that things would always go their way. 

Whenever they face any problem, they do not make any rash decisions and instead demonstrate unflinching endurance every time. 

A Taurus can easily ride out a difficult storm without needing any help or assistance from other people. 

Since their endurance has been tested many times, they can easily bounce back from any situation and find comfort even in the little things.

They are easily pleased so you would not have a hard time leveling with them. 


Taurus are lovable and known to have a pleasing personality. Apart from that, some also call them people pleasers, in a good way. 

Whenever they are in a relationship, they value their partners’ opinions rather than themselves. 

Instead of following their own way and taking their usual route, Taurus are more trusting and considerate of their partner. 

Their individualistic and stubborn nature goes out of the window every time they are in a relationship. They prefer to listen and follow the plan of their partners. 

In addition, they are easy to please because they have endured many hardships in life. Taurus are often soft and would easily yield to the whims of their partners.   

Reasons to love a Taurus

Being considered as a wandering bull, Taurus can provide you with a better worldly view. 

They can easily change and influence your perspective in life, making you a better and more rounded person. 

Loving a Taurus means you get to find joy even in the little things. 

Aside from that, you would also become more forgiving because you now have a better understanding of what other people have to endure and go through. 

A Taurus would change your entire belief system would change and you would be more reflective and discerning of your actions. 

That being said, you would also be attracted to material and beautiful things since Taurus are naturally ruled by the planet Venus. 

Be that as it may, you would still be more attracted to your goals over other trivial things. 

Comfort and security

It is the paramount goal of every Taurus. 

Once they find comfort and security, they are now content and would no longer ask for any more extravagant things. 

Living as a Taurus means living life surely and comfortably. 

In the end, they just long for a simple, stable, and happy life. 


If you know any Taurus in your life, then it is best to check on them and see what they are doing. They might be enduring or going through something you did not know about. 

With that, we highly suggest you read up on them to more things about them like:

Because Taurus are patient, nurturing and natural people pleasers they make an excellent companion.

Want to learn more about other signs?

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