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What to Include in Your Very First Resume

The choice of the first job is a truly exciting event for everyone. But composing the first resume might be a daunting task to do. Please remember – it is the very first thing an employer ever learns about you!

In brief, to succeed in making the first resume, a candidate should concentrate on their strengths and life experience, which might be challenging at times. Candidates often need help and handy tips before the first interview and don’t always know where to find some useful information. 

In this article, we are going to help young employees to compose their first resumes. We will shed light on the main keywords and explain how to present achievements appropriately.

How To Choose Main Keywords

To achieve success, each candidate should understand what the employer expects from them. The reality is, all employers prefer not to spend too much time reading all resumes in detail. Moreover, lately, they began using automated ATS systems, which help them to sort applications that contain the same keywords as in the job description.

To find out which keywords you have to use, you need to look through many job descriptions for the desired position. Of course, it is best if you consider only one position because it makes job search much easier. Pay more attention to the following sections: Minimum Requirements, Job Responsibilities, and, of course, Key Qualifications. 

Do research, rank the words you’ve found, and include them in your resume. 

Now, we are happy to offer an easy solution to the problem, which will be of invaluable help in this uneasy task. Let us introduce our cutting-edge tool called ResumeBuilderPro.

How our Resume Builder Helps Novices Find their Dream Job

Scared you can’t build the perfect resume? It is completely understandable. In present times, there are many different ways of creating a resume. You can try writing a resume by hand or find a resume builder online.  The ResumebuilderPro.com – professional resume builder is one of the simplest ones out there. It is the best resume builder ever! If you are a newbie in the world of work, you might feel nervous and indecisive. This smart resume builder will do all the dirty work for you. It is of immense help when it comes to creating a resume.

If you want to save your time and achieve the best results in next to no time, you must try this out! Instead of finding the right words and thinking over the structure, you can make a resume online with the help of our professional resume builder.

Make a resume for free, and please pay attention to the extensive collection of various templates. All key phrases and descriptions of skills are included in the templates, which helps you to avoid typos.  Making a resume won’t take you more than fifteen minutes! 

How to Make Your Resume Specific

Apparently, every single qualification demands its own specific keywords. Let’s have a look at successful cases of exemplary skill descriptions:

Administrative assistant:

  • An excellent team worker;
  • Truly committed to excel in my field and raise my qualification;
  • Outstanding numeracy and literacy;
  • Computer skills, experience with office appliances;
  • Skills in Microsoft Office programs, including Excel and PowerPoint. 

Here is the list of your possible duties:

  • Answer telephone calls and work emails politely and promptly;
  • Be extremely attentive to detail and gather all information neatly;
  • Be prepared to work with lots of data;

If you have recent experience of working as a volunteer, don’t hesitate to include it in your resume:

Volunteer at Faberge Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia (Salvador Dali Exhibition, 2019-2020)

  • Greeted guests, assisted them, and showed the way around in the Museum;
  • Conducted surveys about the purposes of visiting the Museum;
  • Answered questions concerning the Salvador Dali Exhibition;
  • Guaranteed quick delivery of mail to recipients.

This is just an example of a resume. To compose your perfect resume and meet the requirements of your future boss, you have to be creative at some point and match the keywords in your resume with those in the desired position.

Highlight Your Skills and Education

When you are at the beginning of your career path, you have to put your education first on a resume. If you want to use a template, choose the one with the education section on top of the page. 

The best way to organize such information is the following:

  1. Relevant skills linked to your education. You can also include the topic of your coursework paper;
  2. Educational achievements (e.g., GPA average grade, but don’t state it if it is lower than 3.5)
  3. Volunteer or another kind of work you did at the university (e.g., A member of the Green club; An assistant at the dean’s office, etc.)

Here you will need to organize the information in the most accessible way. Don’t write too much, and don’t use flowery language. Remember that this information just helps a potential employer to form an initial impression of you.

Formulate an Objective

This is, perhaps, the most difficult part for young job seekers. It is hard to know exactly what you want at this stage, and frankly speaking, not so many young people do. But how can you find a job if you don’t know what you want? We strongly recommend you to think this question over and consider all advantages and disadvantages of possible future jobs. 

Needless to say that you should choose the job which advantages outweigh. Some psychologists claim that you should address your inner child to find your dream job, as you are more likely to achieve success by doing your thing.

 In simple terms, the question “ What do I want to do?” is much more important than “How can I earn more money?” Follow your heart, but don’t forget about the financial aspect, as it might influence your motivation.

Here are the examples of objectives most employers expect to see:

  • I am a highly motivated graduate of the Academy of Art, an avid art historian with extensive knowledge in a field with one year of experience volunteering in major art museums, which proved my excellent communication skills. I am looking for a job as a museum attendant. I am willing to broaden my horizons, and I am sure that my soft and hard skills will be of use to the company.
  • As a skilled team player with a great memory, organizational skills, and experience with office appliances,  I would like to join your team as an administrative assistant. I am going to boost my skills, and I am certain to do much for the company to develop. 

More Things to Consider

Now that we have finished with the main information, let’s talk about some things you might be asked about:

  • Soft and hard skills. Soft skills concern your personal qualities (communication, adaptivity, time management, decision making, etc.), and hard skills concern your 

            relevant work experience. 

In general, soft and hard skills are of equal importance. If you can’t define your soft skills, you may ask your friends and relatives to give a compliment. 

Examples of hard skills: “ familiar with CRM systems,” “know how to work with office appliances,” etc.

  • Write a cover letter. It is not at all obligatory but will serve you as an advantage, and some companies demand this letter as a part of a job application. Here lies the example of such a letter.

 It must contain:

  1. Basic Information about you ;
  2. Description of your strengths and relevant experience;
  3. The explanation why you are the best candidate for this position;
  4. Your vision of the mission of the company;

Please note – it shouldn’t focus on your personality and interests, but on what you can bring to the company as a prospective employee! You should surf the Internet and know as much as possible about your potential workplace. The more you know, the more appreciated this will be.

The Final Word

Please remember that behind every successful businessperson, there was the first resume. Keep it in mind, think twice before writing each line, and follow our advice! Be objective, try to be at your best, and use your relevant experience to win your dream job.

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