EP000: Intro, Why This Podcast Started, & Our Mission For You!

In this special introductory episode, CEO and Co-Founder of Student Tutor, Todd VanDuzer takes you through our WHY’s for this new educational podcast.

Why are we making a podcast?
Why would you be interested in listening?
Why does this information matter??

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:30] – Introduction

[1:00] – The Caveman Story

[4:00] – How the “Spark Bright Futures” movement started

[8:00] – Student Tutor 2.0 Launches

[12:00] – Following your Intuition and Curiosities

[16:00] – The Desert Canvas Phoenix Movement

[21:00] – Everything You’re Learning in School is WORTHLESS!

[25:00] – Outro

3 Key Points:

1. Today’s educational system is BROKEN and schools are NOT preparing students to be successful in the Digital Age.

2. Understand your WHY and how you can leverage your intuition and curiosities for long-term success and happiness.

3. Face adversity head on, and never give up on your dreams!


Everything You’re Learning in School is Worthless

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Produced by: Todd VanDuzer & Cody Mack
Recording by: Todd VanDuzer
Music & Editing: Cody Mack
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