EP030: How to Get in to Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley or Yale Ft. Marcella De Laurentiis

Episode 030: How to Get in to Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley or Yale Ft. Marcella De Laurentiis

Student-Tutor Mentor, Marcella De Laurentiis

Featuring: Marcella De Laurentiis, College Admissions Specialist

Mentor Bio:

Marcella started her career working in the admissions office at the University of Chicago, her alma mater. Later, she joined UC Berkeley’s Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program— an elite program that only accepts 2% of applicants. Now, she sits on the opposite side of the table, helping talented students realize their college dreams. She founded HelpWithApps.com to help students maximize their chances for admission to the nation’s top universities. Despite top universities’ single digit acceptance rates, four out of every five of her students are accepted to schools like Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and Yale.

Show Notes:

  • [0:53] – Episode Previews!
  • [1:47] – Todd Intro / Episode Start!
  • [2:29] – Meet This Week’s Guest… Marcella De Laurentiis!
  • [4:05] – How Marcella Got Started!
  • [6:55] – Marcella’s Secret Recipe for Top College Admissions!
  • [11:44] – How an Early Decision Application Can Change Your Life!
  • [14:26] – Safely Navigating Cost Concerns Surrounding Ivy League Colleges!
  • [23:45] – A Special Message From the Mastermind Community!
  • [25:40] – Specific Strategies for 9th and 10th-Grade Students!
  • [29:06] – Key Points / Recap From Todd!
  • [30:50] – Questions From the Student-Tutor Mastermind Members!
  • [35:10] – How You Can Connect With Marcella!
  • [36:05] – Wrap-up / next week’s preview.
  • [36:36] – Episode End.

Mentor’s Key Points:

College is Expensive!

This is why it’s SO important to consider your goals!

Stack your extra-curricular activities to stand out!

Find something that really sparks a drive within you, then use the momentum to develop a SPIKE to help your college essay stand out!

Your Major MATTERS!

Understand which majors are the “bread and butter” of the university, then use this to strategically focus your target major to increase your admission odds.


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