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27 Signs your child is struggling in math …and what to do about it!

Besides the below 27 signs below the #1 reason your student is struggling is typically always the same! “I hate math!” “I just don’t get it!” Parents who hear these words from their K-12th graders should be forewarned. Your child is struggling in math. And letting math struggles go on too long without intervening could …

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Top 10 Math Websites (Free!)

You are probably reading this right now stressed and frustrated because of the 4 letter word “math.” As someone who has tutored and taught Math for over 15 years, I understand! There’s good news! With the right tools, solid practice, and a bit of renewed confidence, your relationship with math will improve! Maybe you’ll even …

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Easily get THOUSANDS of Dollars for College!

Parents, did you know?… Your child can get thousands of dollars in scholarships for college by getting “decent” grades. Even with as low as a 2.7GPA, a student can still get $6,000 per year to ASU with solid SAT scores in merit-based scholarships. Imagine what even higher grades and higher scores can garner. Since money is …

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Reading and Literacy

The Importance of Reading and Literacy: Grim Statistics and How to Help Your Kids Let’s start with some shocking facts about reading and literacy in the U.S. according to research.  1) Between 1993 and 2003: – the average ‘prose literacy’ decreased for adults at most levels of educational attainment – the average ‘document literacy’ decreased …

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