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How Students Can Become a Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer while you are in college can come out as a big advantage for you. Doing this preps you up for future writing challenges and helps you build a solid foundation on running a freelance writing career. According to experts, improving your freelancing experience from college is a great way to stand out from others as this improves your essay writing skills and more. 

One of the reasons why college students can’t write is lacking a bit of background experience. So when you choose to work as a freelance writer, your writing game receives an upgrade. In case you are wondering how to become one, this article has got you covered with some tips. 

Writing can be a tough deal of work for students. Today, academic assignment writing is easier to complete as students can always find an academic assignment writing service online. However, it’s still necessary for a student to earn and gain additional skills in writing even when getting help with assignments. 

Tips on Becoming a Freelance Writer For Students

Many have asked questions on how to start freelance writing as a college student. There are many tips given by experts concerning freelance writing for scholars. Below, we will take a look at an overview of some of these expert tips. Here’s the deal: 

Consider Time Management 

Time management for teens is one of the key factors scholars must never fail to consider. By looking into how you manage your time, you can easily come up with schedules that satisfy both your academic life and freelance career. You don’t want to be completing the tasks of your client’s past submission dates nor would you want to miss out on school tests. 

The best way to maintain a balance is to manage your time accurately and efficiently. Freelance writing is a kind of career that allows you to work when you need to. Using this as an opportunity to make enough time to study for school and attend lectures would surely come in handy. 

Know What Kind of Writeup’s You Can Handle 

As a student, you are still learning. Venturing into the scope of freelance writing can be a tough deal of work if you do not know what lies ahead of you. The best way to find out what challenges you might face and what kind of jobs you should submit proposals for is by researching. 

For example, we have a guide on how to write a guest blog post for Student Tutor. Being a student, you are someone who already knows whats going on in school which would make your background favorable for an educational website like Student Tutor.

Think! What are some skills you have? It can be a hobby, a sport you play, etc.. Make a list!

Through research, you can establish a sense of background information that equips you with the knowledge of what type of jobs you can handle. Asides from researching, asking for advice from professionals you may know would surely come in handy. 

After figuring out what online writing jobs for college students you can take, you will need to start applying for them. 

Start with lower rates 

The next thing you need to do is set your rates. Some writers choose to work hourly or simply at a fixed price. Depending on the clients you have, you may have the choice to select what method you want. 

As a newbie to the world of freelance writing, going with lower rates can come in handy. In such an early stage of your career, you’ll have just a few writeups to show for your skill. As you continue to write more of them and also improve your skills, you can begin to adjust your rates. 

Improve Your researching skill 

Your ability to research is a very important factor to consider when diving into the crafting of writeups as a career. When it comes to writing, research is a key element that determines what useful content should go into the writeup. Asides from being able to find useful points, research is something that helps you identify accurate and reliable information for your readers. 

When you can engage your readers, clients are more likely to give you better ratings and may even end up becoming long-term partners with you on a project. Research is an essential skill that is sure to help your works stand out from those of others. 

Build yourself a portfolio 

If you do not have a portfolio as a writer, you may miss out on some clients. People like to give jobs to freelancers who are reputable for their work. If you can establish a portfolio for yourself, getting jobs as a writer is sure to become an easier thing to do even in college. 

You may also choose to work with a freelancing platform online to secure more jobs for yourself. Most of these platforms tend to offer you a portfolio, thereby making it easy for clients to find you. When choosing a platform for this, you have to be ready to research and understand their taxing and payment processes. 

Avoid plagiarism 

As a writer, you must never plagiarize any of your work. This is one of the many challenges writers face during their freelancing career. If your client finds a work plagiarized, they may withdraw their offer or reject your work. 

While writing, avoid using the same words throughout your content. Word repetition can be bad for the readability of your writeup. One of the best ways to avoid plagiarizing your work is through the use of software tools that can easily spot plagiarized content. 

Apart from avoiding plagiarism in your content, you can learn to proofread your work. Proofreading your work grants you the chance to spot grammatical errors and word misspellings. This is very important is a great way of keeping your writeups optimized. 

Never stop learning 

As a scholar, learning doesn’t have to stop after you complete your education in college. Of course, when you establish a solid foundation on freelance writing, your skills would be way better. You still need to continue learning and becoming a better writer

The best way to do this is to study mistakes. By studying your mistakes, you can easily avoid them next time you write. 


Writing while you are still in college can be a challenging thing to do. But with the above tips studied and implemented, you can easily improve your skills as a writer and start building yourself a career in writing. Good luck! 

We hope this guide on how to become a freelance writer has helped you!

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