EP006: The Big Shift

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Is a “Career” a long-term thing? Once you find something you’re GOOD at, do you focus on that? What if you find something you ENJOY, but you’re not good at it… 


The commitment and responsibility associated with determining a “Career Path” can be nerve wrecking.


Considering you’ll spend years (even a decade) learning a craft and establishing a establishing a reputation, it’s apparent why people prefer to get it right the first time! 




What if you do all of that and you find its not for you… You just don’t enjoy doing it anymore.


Maybe it’s the level you’re at? Some careers are simple and straightforward at first, but get exponentially more challenging and complicated as you go through the ranks.


Maybe something has gone terribly wrong and you’ve lost a key reference or a lot of money! What do you do when you hit the bottom? Keep digging until you see it through, or find a new hole to dig? 

This week, we’re joined by Student-Tutor Mastermind Mentor, Hiten Nainaney, as he shares his experience of multiple devastating financial losses, career path dilemmas, and an unexpected strategy for partnering with C-level executives at companies like Intel. 


The possibilities are endless! So, we feel it’s best you learn from someone that’s made it through a FEW of the struggles life likes to throw in our face!  



His perseverance and willingness to take risks allowed Hiten to become a master at key areas of balance in life. In this episode, you’ll learn more about creating these essential balances, and build a path that’s right for YOU!



Time Stamped Show Notes:


[0:00] – Previews & Show Intro

[2:30] – Meet Student-Tutor Mastermind Mentor, Hiten Nainaney!

[4:30] – Leaving finance to find a career worth working for.

[7:30] – What happens after you lose $45,000?

[9:30] – Using a side-gig you’re passionate about to slide into big money conversations.

[12:00] – One client loses Hiten $200,000 in a day.

[14:15] – A hard decision to leave a lucrative job in finance.

[15:00] – Realizing it’s Now, or Never!

[15:45] – Short musical break.

[16:30] – Hiten’s successful new business.

[17:30] – Curiosity, and the balance that ties it all together.

[20:15] – Voluntary solitude, and What ** is excited for in the next 5-10 years.

[23:15] – Hiten’s greatest advice for teenagers, and his best book suggestion.

[28:00] – Actionable advice to help students Spark Bright Futures – Grab spiders!

[30:45] – Questions from Student-Tutor Mastermind Students!

[42:30] – Wrapup and review of Todd’s notes

[44:00] – Outro


3 Key Points:


1. Step outside your comfort zone!

As Hiten mentioned in the episode, if you get too comfortable, you’ll stop growing!

Constantly challenging yourself and finding opportunities to do new things will make your life a lot more interesting, and allow you to continuously build new skills.

2. Focus on balancing what you like to do, and what you’re good at!

With every career, there will be parts you like, and others you don’t. What you’re good at and what you like doing are both VERY important things to consider when choosing a career path.

Play towards your strengths, but allow yourself the opportunity to grow in other areas too! 

3. Take time for yourself!

Voluntary solitude gives you the opportunity to dive deep within yourself, explore curiosities, and build skills that are important to you.

Hiten recommends doing this at least once per week!





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