10 Areas Of Life You Need To Focus On

Did you know that only 41% of American make New Year Resolutions, and of those, only 9.2% feel that they were successful in achieving them? Source: The University of Scantron

That means only 3.86% of individuals are setting and achieving goals in a 1st world country!

However, with so many things to focus on where do you start?!

What areas should you focus on, and how do you attack these goals to become part of that 3.86% of individuals?

About ten years ago, I was asking myself the same question, so I wrote out this list of what I focus on when writing goals and a process to attack them. And because it’s been working so well, I wanted to share it with you!

When you’re trying to change your life, you need to look at all these areas, because they feed into each other. Your health affects your personal relationships. Your physical environment affects your work and financial goals. For the right goals that align with your overall happiness, you need to recognize that you are a whole person with a multi-faceted life.

At no time will every area of your life be perfect. It is your job to reflect and try to live a balanced life, so if one area falls apart, you have other passions to fall back on.

Please Note: This list has been made for both parents and students and comes straight from our Student-Tutor Mastermind program, which is designed to help teenagers and college students learn digital age skills they are not learning in school, while connecting with other ambitious students from across the world!

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10 Areas of Life To Focus On:

Category # 1 | Health

1. Spirituality

Whether it be with God or not, what are you currently doing to develop your spirituality? Do you know who you are? Your identity, what you want, your strengths?

Many people mix up happiness with pleasure. Happiness is the pursuit of a worthwhile goal.

2. Living Environment

How is your room environment? Do you keep your room clean, neat, and orderly, or is it chaotic, messy, and unsanitary? How are your relationships with those you live with? Can they be improved?

3. Romance

What are you doing with your love life? Are you treating those you have romantic interactions with fairly? Are you opening yourself up and being vulnerable, taking chances, yet not settling and keeping your integrity and honestly intact? You are getting to that age where this is starting to become important to you.

4. Health & Fitness

What are you doing to improve your health and wellbeing? What are you doing to work out, what are you eating, etc.

Category # 2 | Professional

5. Growth & Learning

What are you doing to learn more and grow outside of school? What are you doing to learn about yourself, educate yourself on topics, and help give yourself a competitive edge to thrive in college & beyond, etc.

6. School

How are your grades & standardized test scores? Are you taking classes in school to learn rather than just get an A? If you’re in College, are you taking internships to get a better idea of what you want to do rather than just for the paycheck? Are you constantly looking for how the topics you learn in school connect to areas of your life that you are curious about?

7. Financial

What are your financial goals, and how do you plan on reaching them? Have you started to look at what the different pay is for different degree options? What is the ROI?

Category # 3 | Personal

8. Family & Friends

What are you doing to strengthen your relationships with friends and family? How are you growing closer with them and developing stronger bonds? How are you taking charge to make things better?

9. Fun

What are you doing for fun? Are you actively seeking things to do on a weekly basis to free your mind from the daily grind and live in the moment? Do you allow yourself to have pleasure in your life?

10. Community

What are you doing to give back? How are you helping the community you live in? Are you part of a group and taking on a leadership role, using your skills to help, etc.?

Now that you have analyzed the 10 areas of life it is time to create some goals and attack them!

When creating goals make sure you only attack 1-2 goals every 3-months and ensure they are:

  1. SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based.
  2. Providing the greatest value for the least amount of effort.

SMART goals & value vs. effort for goal setting


For example, say Adriana is 16 years old and reflects on the 10 different areas of her life.

She is doing well in her personal life and health, but jumpstarting her career is something she has not even thought about yet.

She has mentioned to her friends and family a couple of times that she would like to one day own a jewelry store but hasn’t taken action.

Realizing that we live in the digital age and starting a business takes virtually no upfront capital. She decides that she is going to focus on that.

Adriana first writes out a Non-SMART goal, but then as she asks herself if it is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based? She catches herself, and fixes it!

  • Non-SMART goal: Start a jewelry business.
  • SMART goal: Start a jewelry business by December 1st, 2018 by selling 10 pieces of jewelry per month.

She realizes that goals don’t just magically happen and needs to create a plan to go after it!

She also realizes that she needs to create the RIGHT plan and focus on tasks that provide the most value for the least amount of effort.

She writes out some potential baby-steps or tasks she needs to complete to turn this goal into a reality, and analyzes their importance using the value vs. effort matrix as shown above.

Adriana’s Thoughts As She Analyzes The Situation:

  1. To be in the business, I need to have customers! Creating a company and logo would be nice, but that isn’t going to help me get customers.
  2. Creating a website would also be nice, but I don’t have any skills to do that and hiring someone could be very expensive.
  3. I do need to create jewelry, but I don’t have anyone to buy them yet.
  4. I could also take the time to make a plan but that will take a long time, and I already have a SMART goal to sell 10 pieces of jewelry per month.
  5. I am going to focus on selling 10 pieces of jewelry by asking friends what they would like. I will also message people on Instagram who show interest to my product, hustle and create relationships and ask them if they would like to buy something or have a friend that might.

“Too many people start businesses and spend way too much time on the planning, creating fancy websites, and making sure they have the perfect logo, etc. Although, these things are nice to have they are not necessary for you to start a business. They take a lot of time and provide little value to helping you get started.”

– Todd VanDuzer

Check out my Vlog where I further hammer down this exercise with a real life example caught on video!

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In Conclusion

When creating goals, you need to recognize that you are a whole person with a multi-faceted life.

Focus on analyzing these 10-areas of life every quarter and create 1-2 goals that are SMART and take value vs. effort into account. For those of you who love racquetball more than any other game ShoeWizards.com researched and reviewed the best racquetball shoes for both men and women.

Are you a college student or teenager and want to take this to the next level and learn advanced strategies not mentioned in this article?

Make sure to check out our Goal Setting course, part of the Student-Tutor Mastermind program, which is designed to help teenagers and college students learn digital age skills they are not learning in school while connecting with students from across the world!

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What did you think? Any other goal setting tips? Please let me know in the comments below!

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