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Life Lesson from Dad

You Are The Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With

Hypothetical Situation:

Meet, John and Joe. They are the same age, currently have the same level of education, have similarly paying jobs, and live in the same area.

But their circles, the people they spend the most time with, are a bit different.

– Boss: Criticizes her employees, compares them to each other in a chastizing way, encourages people to cut corners to save money

– Girlfriend: Loves to party every night, shops (even if she doesn’t have the money to afford it), knows all the latest hollywood gossip but hates studying for school
– Co-worker: Complains that the job sucks but there is nothing else out there, thinks going to school is lame, hangs out with a questionable crowd in free time
– Friend: Nice and funny, but has low confidence and motivation
– Family Member: Lives in same town he grew up in and prefers not to leave it, cautions John not to take risks because failure is likely

– Boss: Encourages his employees to learn more and improve, has high standards, praises for a job well done, is a leader in her industry
– Girlfriend: Studying hard to pursue her dream career, started a small business on the side
– Co-worker: Tries to get the most out of learning opportunities the company offers, lends a helping hand, works well in teams, trains for triathlons in free time
– Friend: Nice and funny, and thinks the world is full of possibilities
– Family Member: Travels the world, eagerly shares experiences, encourages Joe to take risks because ‘with every failure, you are closer to your success’


After reading the descriptions above, how would you answer these questions:
– What kinds of things do John and Joe’s circles listen to, watch, and read?
– What kinds of activities do John and Joe do in their free time?
– What kinds of advice do John and Joe receive when they ask for it?
– What kinds of attitudes are influencing John and Joe?
– Who are John and Joe being introduced to by their circles?

Life Lesson from Dad #1 Analyzed

The picture I am trying to paint above may seem so obvious. Of course if you hang out with people who are smart, successful, ambitious, honest, hard-working, and kind, you will be better off than if you hang out with the opposite! Duh!

But how many of us choose not to implement this awareness in our own lives and circles? How many of us continue to hang out with a friend because we have “known him/her forever,” don’t want to hurt feelings, or don’t want to lose out on the fun the person brings, even though it would be for the better?

I know I am guilty at times. Many of us are, no matter our age.

How about you?
Think about the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. Who are they? Your parents? Your kids? Co-workers? Your best friend? Your neighbor?…

Are they helping you grow or slowing you down?

** The truth of this life lesson is undeniable and we all should take an honest look at the 5 people we spend the most time with…and be brave enough to make some changes, where necessary.

**Note: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” was originally said by the amazing Jim Rohn. (Even though my dad would gladly take credit).

PS:  We would love to hear about your experiences too!

Have you ever had to adjust the ‘5 people you spend the most time with’? Did you see positive results? Describe!

Feel free to share your stories with us here in the comments!

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