EP027: Private Scholarships Ft. Matthew Einsohn

Episode 27: Private Scholarships Ft. Matthew Einsohn!

Mentor Bio:

Matthew Einsohn, MA, is an Educational Consultant with extensive years working and managing the admissions office for a Private University. Matthew came from limited means, below average grades, along with no athletic ability to give him a full ride. The only offer from financial aid were student loans, but he found money to pay for undergraduate and graduate school without loans. His 10 years of experience sourcing money and teaching others the same led him to develop training that teaches life skills and how to fund educational goals no matter if you are a freshman in H.S. or graduate student.

Show Notes:

  • [0:53] – Episode Previews!
  • [1:47] – Todd Intro / Episode Start!
  • [2:49] – Meet This Week’s Guest… Matthew Einsohn!
  • [3:35] – How Matthew Was able to Find Scholarships & Loan Forgiveness!
  • [9:25] – Matthew’s PROVEN Scholarship Formula!
  • [21:50] – A Special Message From the Mastermind Community!
  • [27:14] – Key Points / Recap From Todd!
  • [30:30] – Episode Wrap-up / Who’s Coming Next Week?
  • [31:00] – Episode End.

Mentor’s Key Points:

Consider: What am I GOOD at, and what are my LOCAL RESOURCES?

Find out who you are then look into programs relating to your skills leading into college, and look locally at what opportunities are available locally!

You do NOT have to wait until your senior year of high school!

There are scholarships available as early as 7 years old! Start exploring opportunities around your interests Look into who won the scholarships before, look into the company, CALL them… find out MORE!

BILLIONS of dollars of scholarships go unclaimed!

Don’t miss out on these opportunities!! Be willing to ask for MORE!


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