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11 Websites Offering Coding Classes Online

Coding has been an in-demand skill for the past few years. Thanks to the internet, anyone can now learn how to code.

As more and more businesses continue to move online, coding has become a valuable skill set not just in the tech industry but also in other sectors like marketing, engineering, law, design, and so on.

Nowadays, it has become a prerequisite in other careers (aside from tech and IT) to know at least the basics and fundamentals of coding.

That being the case, the coding community and other educators have also started to move online in order to make classes and learning materials easily accessible for everyone.

Can I learn coding at home?

In this day and age, anyone with a computer or a mobile device can now work, teach, and learn anywhere.

That being said, you can now learn coding from the comfort of your home. 

You no longer have to sit in class or attend camps in order to learn how to code. Nowadays, you can just enroll yourself in any online classes or courses to be able to learn coding.

Several universities, institutions, and organizations have made their learning materials available on the internet. 

With that, you can get high-quality education without having to take or pass entrance exams.

All you need is hard work and dedication in order to actually learn how to code.

Where do I start coding?

If you Google search coding classes online, you would be overwhelmed with the number of resources readily available on the internet.

Some of which are modules that you can read, games where you can apply your skills, and even projects that would help you showcase your talent to future employers.

There are several coding websites, both paid and free, available at your disposal. You just need to find the right learning tool that would work for you and your schedule.

So to help you kick start your journey to becoming a professional coder, we have listed some websites where you can take courses or classes in order to learn how to code.

Khan Academy

Coding Classes Online Khan Academy

If you are just starting to learn how to code, then Khan Academy would be a great place to start. They offer simplified educational videos and easy-to-follow modules for beginners.

Through this website, you can easily learn the basics and fundamentals of coding.

Apart from that, it also provides a great introduction to several coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and so on.

Khan Academy is one of the most trusted websites for students because it provides coding classes for kids as well as crystal clear explainers, most of which are based on trusted references and textbooks.

This educational website also offers courses on subjects like Math, Science, History, Geography, and many more.

It is freely accessible for everyone, and they even have an app that makes the learning process more convenient. It is an ideal math apps and coding apps for kids because they can easily switch from their desktop to their mobile device.


Coding Classes Online edX

Nowadays, you can now take courses that are taught at MIT, Harvard, and so on.

Through edX, you can take coding classes online and learn different coding languages from professors and instructors of several esteemed universities.

edX has a variety of courses, from introductory to advanced courses, that you can take in order to learn and master coding.

Apart from coding, they also offer several course on different subjects like Math, Economics, Engineering, Language, and many more. So it is not only a useful for coding, it is also a great math help websites, economics help website, and so on.

Since you are essentially attending classes, you can receive a paid certificate every time you finish a course. It would be a value-added skill and it would also make your resume stand out.

It is worth noting however that not all courses are free to take.


Coding Classes Online Coursera

Coursera is another learning website where you can professionally learn how to code. 

You can take coding classes online from professors and instructors of different universities as well.

Like edX, Coursera has a wide selection of both free and paid online courses. You can also get a certificate after you completed a course in Coursera.

Apart from adding the certificate to your resume, you can also use the credits of some of the courses if you are planning on attending higher education.

Coursera is partnered with several universities and research institutions so their courses are of top quality and at par with edX as well.


Coding Classes Online freeCodeCamp

freecodeCamp is a nonprofit online learning website that teaches people how to code for free. 

It provides several hands-on programming practices that lets you apply and use all the knowledge you learned.

This coding website can help you learn several programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Aside from programming, you can also learn to create and develop websites using different coding languages like HTML and CSS.

Most of their courses require you to dedicate at least 300 hours in order to finish it. Afterward, you can earn certification by passing all their tests and building the required (5) projects.

freeCodeCamp also uploads their educational videos on YouTube. In turn, you can easily switch from your desktop to your mobile devices.

Code Avengers

Coding Classes Online Code Avengers

Code Avengers is an online education company where seasoned coders and beginners can learn and practice coding games, apps, and web pages.

It is one of the most approachable learning websites for kids because of their bite-sized learning materials.  

Their learning modules can easily fit in your everyday schedule and their easy-to-follow content motivates you to finish and accomplish their assigned tasks.

In addition, Code Avengers platform also encourages students to make and share their projects online.

If you are still hesitant, you can avail their 10-day trial period and decide from there whether you want to continue your subscription or not.

When you managed to come up with an awesome project after your 10-day trial period, then you can share the game you created in the Roblox platform instead.

We have written an article on Roblox for skeptic users out there. It is titled Is Roblox Safe for Kids and you click on the link to read more about it.


Coding Classes Online CodaKid

Another fun learning website for beginners is CodaKid. Specifically geared towards teaching coding for kids, CodaKid is an award-winning website that offers over 50 courses on coding. 

Some of the kids coding languages they cover are Python, JavaScript, Java, Lua, and many more. This learning website is especially helpful for kids who want to learn how to code. 

Most of the programming languages they teach to kids are used by programmers and developers in the professional field. 

With that, you would not only learn the fundamentals of programming and coding, but you would also be able to actually learn how to code in text-based form. 

One of the bonuses to this learning website is that their coding classes online are geared for kids, which means most of their course contents are simplified, fun, and interactive. 

So even if you only have limited background knowledge, you would be able to easily catch-up and understand their lessons. 



Codecademy is one of the most popular learning websites that mainly focuses on teaching people how to code.

From introductory to advanced courses on coding, Codecademy is a one-stop learning platform for computer science.

It covers different topics like web development and also teaches you several programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, and so on.

Codecademy offers coding classes online, provides simplified learning materials, and gives hands-on exercises where you can use and apply all the knowledge that you have learned.

Some of their basic courses are available for free, but other benefits like peer support and more advanced courses would require you to pay upfront.



Skillshare is an online learning community that provides educational videos from experts and professionals in the industry.

You can consider these educational videos as online classes, and the other people learning it are your peers.

Rather than focus on lectures, Skillshare focuses on interaction instead. Their primary goal is to teach you by encouraging you to create and share your projects online.

Despite having only limited subjects related to coding, Skillshare is still a great learning platform for aspiring developers and those who just want to know some of the basics of UX/UI design.

The basic membership is free for the first month so you can try the platform first before deciding whether or not you want to continue.



Founded in 2010, Udemy is an open online course provider for students and adults.

Despite having different courses on topics like marketing and photography, Udemy is especially geared towards careers in IT and tech.

They offer coding classes online, from learning the basics of programming to ultimately learning how to actually code.

Some of their courses include Python, Web Development, Machine Learning, and so on.

You can also get the AWS certification through their website and learn about other exciting subjects like ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Udemy is one of the most popular online learning websites with millions of students from all over the world.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

You might have already known LinkedIn as a social networking site for work.

But did you know that they offer video courses from experts and professionals in different industries as well?

They have over 15,000 educational videos and almost 800 courses in the software development category alone.

You can browse and filter their content based on different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Their library also has extensive learning content that would ultimately teach you coding languages like Python, Java, SQL, C++, JavaScript, and many more.

With that, you should really rethink how you see LinkedIn and look at it as more than just a professional networking site.



Having noticed that the traditional “Hello! World” teaching approach does not really work in the digital space, BitDegree content is specifically adapted and compatible with online learning.

From standard to gamified courses, this coding website has a variety of teaching methods and activities that would surely keep you engaged.

Their coding classes online offer languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and many more. 

You can also browse and filter their courses based on your skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Like Udemy, you can also use this website to train and take courses that would help you get your AWS certification.

You can sign up and take courses using their website for free.

What is the best code to learn?

Given that we already provided you with several coding websites, it is now up to you to decide which coding languages you want to learn and master.

Once you have learned the basics and fundamentals of coding, you would ultimately have to choose from the many coding languages available.

You can either learn coding languages used in web development like

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript;

or programming languages like

  • Python;
  • C++;
  • Ruby;
  • Java;
  • Lua;
  • C#; and
  •  so on

Whatever coding language you chose, there would always be a website or learning materials available online that you can use in order to master it.

How long will it take to learn to code?

Learning the basics of coding generally takes at least three to six months, and that is besides learning how to actually code in text-based form.

We cannot give you an exact timeline of how long before you can start coding because some people can easily pick up different coding languages, while some take longer than six months to even learn the basics and fundamentals of coding.

Nevertheless, the learning process would ultimately depend on the time you allot for learning.

As much as possible, we suggest that you practice coding every day so that you can easily transition and move to advanced courses immediately.


With the help of the internet, you can now take coding classes online. There are several coding websites that provides, both paid and free, online courses like

Most of the websites we mentioned above are self-paced.

To that end, mastering different coding languages would ultimately depend on the time and effort you put into these coding websites.

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