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Innovative private online tutoring approach for all subjects that has earned us a 5 star rating on Google, Facebook, and Yelp!

Better Tutor = Better Results

Why limit your selection of tutors based on who’s in your neighborhood when you can draw from a pool of online private tutors across the entire nation? Online tutoring promotes competition, allowing us to raise the bar on our hiring standards. 

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Parents sometimes discount online tutoring thinking it cannot live up to in-person tutoring. But reviews and data from students and tutors say otherwise!

Laura Petersen MAED, Co-Founder

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4 Reasons Why Our Clients are Switching Over to Online Tutoring! 

1. Same Benefits as In-Person

  • See Face-to-Face
  • Share screens and files
  • Speak voice-to-voice
  • Write and draw at the same time

2. Proactive Approach

  • Student snaps photos 
  • Student emails photos
  • Tutor prepares ahead
  • Proactive approach achieved! 

3. Best Tutors Possible

  • Prioritize needs NOT location 
  • Greater tutor selection
  • More rigorous hiring standards
  • Better tutors = better results

4. Resources a click away

  • Online whiteboard with equation editor, drawing tools, and more. 
  • Instructional videos a click away
  • Trained on top web resources

“It is my dream to go to UC Berkeley, so Student-Tutor paired me with an online tutor at UC Berkeley and a Student-Tutor Advisor told me the exact steps needed to maximize my chances at getting accepted. Talk about customization!”

Allie Nornela – Mesa, AZ

Reviews from clients who prefer private online tutoring to in-person.

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