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what are the differences between ap and honors classes student-tutor

AP and honors courses are, in fact, very different from one another.

Both are great ways to challenge your teen and both look awesome on college applications, but there are a few important distinctions you should be aware of before deciding to enroll your child in one or the other.

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How to Calculate and Improve High School GPA

What if instead of a paper with an “A” written on the top, your teacher handed you $103,800? Wishful thinking right?

Acutally no, your grades are potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in money toward college… and the best part about it?
You don’t need to have a 4.0 GPA.

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Now before I start I want to clarify one thing. I don’t think school is worthless. The fundamentals are very important. I just know the opportunity cost for the new age of education is greater.

Let me give you a little background on who I am before I dive into exactly what I mean.

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Tutor Pricing-01

If you’ve attempted to do any sort of price comparison shopping on tutoring, odds are it turned out to be a bit of a headache.

We were wondering the same thing — why can’t you just google the price of any one tutoring company and know what you’re getting, at a glance?

So we did it for you. Then, we took it a step further. We ranked every tutoring company based on 5 categories!

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By applying to individual scholarships, I was able to earn over $85,000 towards college.

There are a lot of ways to find scholarships. There are also a lot of different kinds of scholarships.

Let me teach you how to find, apply, and get scholarships in 4 steps!

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top 10 math websites free image

I love helping all students master math, even if they never become a customer! To that aim, I worked hard to research the best free math websites available.

And my team then developed quizzes with actionable steps to help you build your academic confidence and reach your fullest potential!

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