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Better Tutor = Better Results

Why limit your tutor selection to your neighborhood when you have a pool of online private ACT prep tutors across the nation? Online tutoring promotes competition, allowing us to raise the bar on our hiring standards. 

  • Harvard private online ACT prep tutors
  • NYU  private online ACT prep tutors
  • University of Pennsylvania private online ACT prep tutors 
  • University of Chicago online ACT prep tutors
  • and more…

We also offer online SAT, mathEnglish, and tutoring in all subjects! 

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“Parents sometimes dismiss online tutoring. They think it can’t live up to in-person tutoring. But reviews and data from students and tutors say otherwise!”

Laura Petersen MAED, Co-Founder

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4 Reasons Why Students Prefer Online ACT Prep Tutoring! 

1. Same Benefits as In-Person

  • See Face-to-Face
  • Share screens and files
  • Speak voice-to-voice
  • Write and draw at the same time

2. Proactive Approach

  • Student snaps photos 
  • Student emails photos
  • Tutor prepares ahead
  • Proactive approach achieved! 

3. Best Tutors Possible

  • Prioritize needs NOT location 
  • Greater tutor selection
  • More rigorous hiring standards
  • Better tutors = better results

4. Resources at Fingertips

  • Online whiteboard with equation editor, drawing tools, and more. 
  • Instructional videos a click away
  • Trained on top web resources

“I was able to get paired with a tutor at New York University who was studying business management. Since I wanted to study business management at New York University, it worked out great!”

 Jacklyn Corenon- Boston, MA

The ACT: More important than you think!

Did you know your ACT score can translate to $$$? 

Increasing your ACT score by a mere 1-2 points could get you $103,800 to University of Alabama! 

This is just one of hundreds of universities that awards students thousands of dollars in scholarships for doing well on the ACT. Luckily for you, your ACT test score can increase with studying and practice! 

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Reviews from clients who prefer private online ACT prep tutoring to in-person.

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