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Families across the country trust Student-Tutor to deliver effective and caring online math tutoring at a fair price.

FACT: The best tutor may not always be the closest tutor. 

We can raise the bar and hire tutors attending schools such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, NYU, University of Chicago, etc.

  • Private online basic math skills tutors
  • Private online Algebra tutors
  • Private online Geometry tutors
  • Private online Pre-Calculus tutors
  • Private online AP Calculus tutors
  • And much more...

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Top Online Math Tutors

Everest our Online Math Tutor

Everest has been tutoring online math with us since August 2014. She specializes in Math at the high school level including SAT math, ACT math, and more! Attending ASU Barrett Honors College in AZ, Everest is committed to helping kids learn and love math!

Micah our Online Math Tutor

Micah has been an online math tutor with us since January 2014. He specializes in all levels of math with a focus on high school levels through AP Calculus and SAT Math. Micah is currently attending Law School in Georgia!

4 Reasons to Try Online Math Tutoring Risk-Free!

1. Same Benefits as In-Person

Online Tutoring same as In-Person
  • Work face-to-face each time with one dedicated tutor.
  • Write, draw, and speak in real time.

2. Prepare for a Digital World

Online Tutoring Prepares for Digital Communication
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Get ready! Video conference job interviews are the future.

3. The Proactive Approach

Online Tutoring Benefits from Proactive Approach
  • Email photos of school work to your tutor.
  • Tutor can then plan ahead for each lesson!

4. Access Only the Best Tutors

Online Tutors Across The Country
  • The best tutor may not be the closest tutor.
  • Greater tutor selection = more competition + more rigorous hiring standards.

Call Now (844) 508-8867

We go beyond improved grades and test scores to help students eliminate stress, develop true academic confidence, become more ambitious, and increase their scholarship potential!!

Why Parents Choose Student-Tutor

We work harder to Spark Bright Futures for every one of our online math students.

Parents and students love that we provide...

  • Only the most reliable tutors
  • Free academic advising
  • Goal-oriented focus
  • Accountability measures
  • Tutor Now, Pay Later!

Testimonials of our Online Math Tutoring

"We tutored in lieu of doing the summer school program to go into 8th grade honors math. She didn't miss a beat going from regular class to honors, and maintained A's throughout the year." - Ming X., Minneapolis, MN

"Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! My 9th grader is doing awesome in math class thanks to Hailey and your team! Your tutoring services are improving his math skills and freeing up time for other activities." - Carvin W., Chandler, AZ

"Wow! My daughter worked with Student-Tutor prior to her SAT. She was accepted to the college of her choice, got a $56,000 scholarship and that is just the beginning. I am a finance/marketing professional and this may be one of the best investments I have ever made." - Dale K., San Diego

Who is Student-Tutor?

Todd Vanduzer, CEO, Co-Founder, and Online Tutor

I'm Todd VanDuzer, the CEO & co-founder of Student-Tutor. My mission is to Spark Bright Futures. 

A quality education is fundamental to a lifetime of success, which is why I started tutoring in high school. Now we hire some of the best tutors from across the country! 

I leveraged my knowledge of the academic system to earn over $85,000 in scholarships. Attending a 4-year university didn't cost me a penny; in fact, I ended up making money! 

Talking to parents, we found that most don't get the support they need from schools to properly set their children up for college. So we set out to provide the best quality tutors and an unparallelled service to ensure that every student is on track to accomplish their academic goals.

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Online Tutoring same as In-Person
Featured By Entrepreneur On Fire and Huffington Post
Featured By Arizona State University, CBS 5 AZ, and AZ Family 3

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