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Eliminate academic stress and develop confidence. We go beyond good grades and test scores.

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Families across the country trust Student-Tutor to “Spark Brighter Futures” for their students!


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FACT: The best tutor may not always be the closest tutor. 

We can raise the bar and hire tutors attending schools such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, NYU, University of Chicago, etc.

  • Private online basic math skills tutors
  • Private online Algebra tutors
  • Private online Geometry tutors
  • Private online Pre-Calculus tutors
  • Private online AP Calculus tutors
  • And much more…

Our online tutors can also help with English, SAT PrepACT Prep, and more! Call today to learn more!

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Everest has been tutoring online math with us since August 2014. She specializes in Math at the high school level including SAT math, ACT math, and more! She has successful helped students earn over $56,000 by skyrocketing their SAT score and bring F’s to A’s through her expert online math tutoring skills. She currently attends ASU Barrett Honors College in AZ. Everest is committed to helping kids learn and love math!

Micah has been an online math tutor with us since January 2014. He specializes in all levels of math with a focus on high school levels through AP Calculus and SAT Math. Micah is currently attending Law School in Georgia! He loves helping students eliminate math stress and develop academic confidence through his expert online math tutoring skills!

4 Reasons to Try Online Math Tutoring Risk-Free!

1. Eliminate Academic Stress

Your student will work with the best math tutors from across the country who are trained to double as mentors and eliminate math stress through proven tutoring strategies, teacher evaluations, and optional adaptive math assessment tests. F’s to A’s.

2. Develop Confidence

Confidence is built via measurable progress. Receive bi-weekly progress reports and routine evaluations to hold both you and your online math tutor accountable and ensure measurable math progress is being made.

3. Reach College & Life Goals

It doesn’t stop at top notch online Math tutoring. Our Academic Advisors are knowledgeable on scholarships, college planning, digital age skills, and more! As a valued client they will guide you to ensure your student has a bright future!

4. Get A Positive ROI

The average student graduates with $37,172 in debt. We won’t let that be your student! Our competitive pricing is well positioned to offer exceptional value that provides a REAL $$$ ROI in scholarships.

We go beyond improved grades and test scores to help students
eliminate stress,
develop true academic confidence, become more
ambitious, and increase their scholarship potential!!

Why Parents Choose Student-Tutor

We go beyond grades and test scores “Sparking Bright Futures” for every one of our online math students.

  • Eliminate academic stress + improve confidence! F’s to A’s.
  • Get paired with tutors who are becoming the future doctors, lawyers, and teachers of tomorrow!
  • Ensure progress is being made through bi-weekly engagement reports, teacher evaluations, and optional math assessment tests.

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Who is Student-Tutor?

I’m Todd VanDuzer, the CEO & co-founder of Student-Tutor. My mission is to Spark Bright Futures.

A quality education is fundamental to a lifetime of success, which is why I started tutoring in high school. Now we hire some of the best tutors from across the country!

I leveraged my knowledge of the academic system to earn over $85,000 in scholarships. Attending a 4-year university didn’t cost me a penny; in fact, I ended up making money!

Talking to parents, we found that most don’t get the support they need from schools to properly set their children up for college and life. So we set out to provide the best quality tutors, digital age courses, and an unparallelled service to ensure that every student is on track to accomplish their academic, college, and life goals!

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We go beyond improved grades and test scores to help students eliminate stress, develop true academic confidence, become more ambitious, and increase their scholarship potential!


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