Top 10 Scholarships for High School Seniors

Co-authored by Renae Hintze

When I was in High School, I realized that there were thousands of dollars in scholarships out there and I had a chance at a huge chunk of that money.

I spent hours and hours applying to these things, and in the end it paid off — I mean, it REALLY paid off. $85,000 is a lot of money to be handed for writing an essay or filling out a short application… I earned more than that.

But not everyone thinks the way I do. Some people look at the potential for millions of scholarships and think “My chances are slim… why bother?”

If your child is a senior in High School who hasn’t applied to anything yet, my guesses are that’s how they felt last year… maybe the year before.

Here’s the thing — they’ve got NOTHING to lose from applying, and thousands to lose from “what-if”ing themselves out of it! AND, there’s still time! Here are 10 Scholarships for High School Seniors.

10. Chegg Monthly Scholarship

There are several monthly and even weekly scholarships out there that your student can collect on. Even if it seems impossible to get — someone, somewhere always gets that money, right?

Chegg’s monthly scholarship awards $1,000 every month for students who take the time to fill out a brief, 2 minute response.

Chegg Monthly Scholarship

9. RMHC Scholarship

The Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship is exclusively for High School seniors, which means your senior isn’t competing with multiple grade levels.

RMHC Scholarships are $1,000 and more than $56 million has been given since 1985.

RMHC Scholarship

8. Niche No Essay Scholarship

Another scholarship that your student can try for more than once a year is the Niche No Essay Scholarship. Every month, Niche awards $2,000 to a randomly selected student who applies to their scholarship.

The application takes maybe a minute to fill out and could result in potentially 2 grand or more for your student — no essay needed.

Especially if you’ve already spent some time finding scholarships for your student, you can see why short and sweet in exchange for a couple thousand is a pretty nice deal.

Niche No Essay Scholarship

7. Unigo 10K

Who couldn’t use $10,000 extra? 

Unigo will pay you that much for only 250 words… that’s not even half a page!

Worth it? I’d say so.Unigo 10K Scholarship

Scholarship Essay Tip: When you are applying to scholarships that require any kind of writing, remember to address your audience in your scholarship essay.

6. AXA Achievements Scholarship

A student from each state receives the AXA Achievements Scholarship of $10,000, and 10 of the 52 selected will receive an additional $15,000.

AXA is another scholarship that is specifically for High School seniors.

AXA Achievements Scholarship

5. Fountainhead Essay Contest

The Fountainhead Essay Contest Scholarship is one of 2 scholarships in this list that is offered by Ayn Rand. Applicants can be either juniors or seniors in high school.

Students can choose to answer one of three prompts in an essay format, and selected winners can receive anywhere from $50 to $10,000, with $10,000 being the highest!

Fountainhead Essay Contest

4. Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

The Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest Scholarship is the other scholarship offered by Ayn Rand. Like Fountainhead, students are able to choose 1 of 3 prompts to address in an essay format and submit it.

However, this contest is only open to high school seniors, and the highest award they can receive is a larger amount than Fountainhead by $10,000.

Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

3. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

The Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship is awarded to a total of 500 students in different amounts. The amount depends on how far along in the selection process an individual applicant makes it.

For this reason, winners of the Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship can receive anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 in money reward — $20,000 being the highest possible!

Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship

2. Voice of Democracy Scholarship

The Voice of Democracy Scholarship is an interesting scholarship contest that requires it’s applicants to submit a video recording of their “speech” or essay response to the given prompt.

The overall winner of the Voice of Democracy scholarship receives $30,000. Other applicants that place in different areas will win anywhere from $1,000 to $16,000.

And, true to the article’s title, this scholarship is another SENIORS ONLY scholarship, which narrows the pool of applicants for your high school senior.

Voice of Democracy Scholarship

1. Elks Foundation Scholarship

500 High School seniors have the chance to receive the Elks Foundation Scholarship, which can be anywhere from $4,000 to $50,000 in reward money.

It’s the number 1 scholarship in this list because $50,000 is the highest amount offered to winning applicants in this list of 10. With 500 winners selected, students also have a higher chance of winning some money reward — unlike scholarships that are only awarded to one student per year.

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship


I do want to stress one thing with all of these scholarships — APPLY.

You’ve got nothing to lose from applying, but potential thousands to lose from thinking you don’t have a chance.

These scholarships are ranked 1-10 but you should apply to ALL of them — maximize your scholarship potential!

To review, the top 10 scholarships for high school seniors are:

  1. Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship
  2. Voice of Democracy Scholarship
  3. Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship
  4. Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest
  5. Fountainhead Essay Contest
  6. AXA Achievements Scholarship
  7. Unigo 10K Scholarship
  8. Niche No Essay Scholarship
  9. RMHC Scholarship
  10. Chegg Monthly Scholarship

Know of any other scholarships for high school seniors? What scholarships has your student applied to? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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