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Financial Aid and Scholarships for High School Seniors in Arizona

Financial Aid and Scholarships Many parents ask us about how they can get financial aid and scholarships for high school seniors throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Is there even enough out there for me to get some? Well, did you know that…. billions of dollars in college scholarships are given out each year!? Yes, BILLIONS of …

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Laura Petersen at Chandler Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

4 Community Updates

Student-Tutor Company News Occasionally we like to update our family, friends, clients, and colleagues with what we have been up to in our community! Here are some community update highlights: 1. Making Our Service More “Life-Changing” and Effective We continue developing new tutoring tools to help support our tutors in their work with K-12 students. …

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How to Easily Get Scholarship Money from ASU!

GPA + SAT Combos Get You Scholarship Money from ASU! This morning my colleague Laura Petersen had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Crow, President of ASU, speak about the great strides toward innovation and advancement that ASU, Arizona as a whole, and Chandler, specifically, are making in technology, business, and more. It was very …

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Life Lesson from Dad

You Are The Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With Hypothetical Situation: Meet, John and Joe. They are the same age, currently have the same level of education, have similarly paying jobs, and live in the same area. But their circles, the people they spend the most time with, are a …

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academic writing tips

Top 10 Academic Writing Tips

Raise Your Writing Scores with These Simple Academic Writing Tips! As a teacher who grades countless essays and short answer responses, I do not want to spend time marking up students’ papers with red ink for simple grammar errors that they should already have proofread away from their academic writing. Instead, I want to focus …

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