How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

Co-authored by Renae Hintze

You probably thought it was a simple question but really, how much DOES tutoring cost? 

If you’ve attempted to do any sort of price comparison shopping on tutoring, odds are it turned out to be a bit of a headache. At Student-Tutor, we were wondering the same thing — why can’t you just google the price of any one tutoring company and know what you’re getting, at a glance?

So we did it for you.

Then, we took it a step further. We ranked every tutoring company based on 5 categories!How we ranked-20-01 2.2

Average cost of tutoring: $39.99/hour offers both Test Prep and Academic tutoring for its students, and some of their tutors (not all) do possess teaching credentials. Due to the fact that they’re a tutoring marketplace, they lose points in Tutoring Effectiveness because they do not hold their tutors accountable. Like the majority of tutoring marketplaces, the experience relies on the individual tutor in question, who may or may not show results with the student. While is more convenient than a tutoring center with their 24/7 online access, they do not offer in-home. You may also spend a bit of time sifting through tutors on your own as they do not provide skills assessments or work to connect you to the tutor that is the best fit! At $39.99/hour, is not the cheapest option out there, but their rates don’t exactly line up with their overall tutoring value, which puts them at a 2.2.

Craigslist Tutors 2.3/5

Average cost of tutoring: $48/hour

Although tutors can be found on Craigslist for $20/hour (that’s a cheaper deal), you may be swapping quantity for quality. Craigslist doesn’t specialize in providing tutors, so the site doesn’t screen their applicants. In fact, anyone can post themselves as a tutor on Craigslist, and the site won’t hold them accountable for delivering results. More so, the site doesn’t offer background checks and there are no trust-worthy customer reviews to indicate that your child is safe with the tutor! I’m not saying you can’t find a fantastic tutor on Craigslist for a bargain price, but it’s a gamble. 


Test Masters 2.4/5

Average cost of tutoring: $125/hour

Unfortunately, Test Masters receives fairly low ratings in a number of areas. A glance at their Yelp reviews is enough to make a parent uneasy, but this could have something to do with the company’s expansion over time. Their website claims that over 150,000 students have taken their courses, but it looks like not all 150,000 were satisfied. Test Masters does gain points for having a company-issued training and providing all levels of tutoring convenience — online, in-home, and telephonic, with flexible hours. Unfortunately, they lose more points in customization due to the fact that they are only focused on test prep. This lands them at a 2.4. 

Test Masters-01

Tutor Bungalow 2.8/5

Average cost of tutoring: $37.50/hour

Tutor Bungalow is a tutoring marketplace — kind of like Amazon, but for tutors. Their low score is mainly attributed to their lack of points in tutoring effectiveness. Tutor Bungalow tutors can sign up in only 5 minutes, with no background check or additional training provided. Once you find your tutor, Tutor Bungalow is no longer involved in the tutoring process. They do not hold their tutors accountable. Their highest score comes from their lower hourly rates. 

*Affiliate of Wyzant

Tutor Bungalow-01

EduBoard 2.9/5

Average cost of tutoring: $40/hour

EduBoard is a newer tutoring marketplace that, like many others in our list of tutoring companies, operates 100% online. They offer online tutoring sessions that run for 30 minutes at a time, and you choose which subject you would like and filter tutors based on price, individual ratings, and more. Tutors on EduBoard are required to be (at least) seniors in college, although you can search specifically for tutors with teaching experience.


The A List Tutoring 2.9/5

Average cost of tutoring: $115/hour

The A List takes on what they call a “familial” approach to tutoring. Due to this philosophy, The A List Tutoring is able to hone in more closely on the concept of accountability with its tutors. Their services are in-home tutoring provided to students in the LA area, in all subjects. A List tutors are required to have a Bachelor’s degree of Arts and a minimum of 3 years tutoring or teaching experience. Their average hourly rate is considerably high, which attributes to their lower score.

The A List-01

TutorTutor 2.3/5

Average cost of tutoring: $41.68/hour

TutorTutor provides initial skills assessments for their students, and Brandi Weinstein, the owner, claims to work closely with every student and their parent(s) to ensure a quality match is made. With no online platform, TutorTutor provides in-home tutoring services to students in San Diego. Lacking mainly in accountability, TutorTutor’s lower hourly rates are not low enough to rank them past a 2.3 in our list.

Tutor Tutor-01

36 By Design 3.0/5

Average cost of tutoring: $81.25/hour

If you hadn’t guessed it by the name of the company, 36 By Design only does one kind of tutoring — ACT Test Prep. It’s their opinion that by only focusing on one subject, they can perfect it. Unfortunately, a visit to 36 By Design’s website where information is few and far between compared to other tutoring companies in our list, it’s hard to say if 36 By Design is a safe bet for your student. 4 out of 6 members on the core team are listed as National Merit Scholars, but that’s about as much credential as we can see. With a solely online platform, 36 By Design is big on their integration of iPads, and claims to offer a customized approach to increasing students’ ACT scores.

36 By Design-01

Kumon 3.1/5

Average cost of tutoring: $131.66/month

Kumon, like other tutoring centers in our list of tutoring companies, loses points for convenience. It has no online or in-home options and set hours for tutoring centers that your student must go to. In addition, Kumon takes a “hands-off” approach to tutoring that does not assign a child any one specific tutor. Kumon believes strongly in instilling self-sufficient learning in its students, however according to our criteria, this falls under a lack of accountability for Kumon tutors. Lastly, while students can receive tutoring in any subject, including homework help, Kumon’s provided worksheets are not tailored to specific students, and can’t really be considered a custom curriculum.


University Tutor 3.1/5

Average cost of tutoring: $35/hour

University Tutor’s tutor pool consists mainly of undergraduate and graduate students, so you are unlikely to find a student with teaching credential. Likewise, the company does not issue their own training program or offer skills assessments to help students locate the best individual tutor for them. They DO have what is called a “Local Ambassador”, and these tutors are hand-selected as the sort of “poster child”, or premium tutors for University Tutor. These tutors in specific undergo a separate screening process to earn this title. However, none of University Tutor’s tutors are background checked. While flexible in hours with both in-home and online tutoring options, University Tutor does not have any custom curriculums or programs, and your experience will be based mostly on the tutor in question. 

University Tutor-01

Mathnasium 3.2/5

Average cost of tutoring: $60.38/hour

Mathnasium is all about math tutoring (go figure), which unfortunately knocks off some points right from the bat in customization. They also scored a 0 as far as convenience because they are a tutoring center that your child must physically go to, and they offer no online or in-home options. Mathnasium does require an initial skills assessment for their students, which can give them a better idea of what areas need to be targeted. This is part of what they call “The Mathnasium Method”. Despite a lack in convenience, Mathnasium claims that of their students, 82% experience improved math skills and understanding, 85% show improved attitudes, and 88% see increases in their grades. With an average hourly rate of $60.38, Mathnasium ranks at a 3.2.


Thumbtack Tutors 3.3/5

Average cost of tutoring: $47.50/hour

Thumbtack is another site that doesn’t specialize in tutoring, but it still has quite a large selection of tutors to choose from. Within that large selection can be found tutors with teaching credentials, however you may end up paying as much as $100/hour for these tutoring sessions. There is also no company issued training, and seeing as the site does not specialize in tutoring, Thumbtack tutors are not held accountable. Thumbtack does provide flexible tutors for private in-person and online tutoring, and every applicant to the site is background checked and has their own reviews. Of course, there is no custom curriculum, programs, or progress evaluations provided by Thumbtack. 


Chegg 3.3/5

Average cost of tutoring: $30/hour

Specializing in one-on-one tutoring and completely online, Chegg tutors possess prior teaching or tutoring experience but will not come to your home. While Chegg requires its tutors to apply via Facebook, anyone can make a Facebook these days, so we didn’t count this as a background check. Chegg recently released their new SAT and ACT prep programs, giving them points in customization. Not to mention the huge point-booster Chegg gets for an average hourly rate of only $30. Of course, their packages are cheaper mainly because of their limits. A half hour of tutoring a week, their least expensive package gives you approximately 2 hours of tutoring per month at $60. Still, such a low average makes up for lost points in other areas and earns them a steady 3.3 in our list of tutoring companies.

*Chegg is the owner of InstaEDU


Sylvan Learning 3.3/5

Average cost of tutoring: $47/hour

With so many individually-owned Sylvan Learning Centers, it’s not hard to see why they have issues with accountability. This is not the only place that Sylvan Learning loses points in our list of tutoring companies however. Sylvan takes a major hit in the category of convenience due to the fact that Sylvan Learning centers offer neither in-home nor online options, and the hours of individual centers are set. Sylvan does offer a tutor that is specific to your student and follows a 4-step process that includes a skills assessment of individual students to tailor their tutoring lessons more to their needs. Effective, but not convenient. 

Sylvan Learning-01

Mind Launch 3.3/5

Average cost of tutoring: $99/hour

Mind Launch administers effective tutoring through state-certified teachers with an average of 20 years teaching experience. Although Mind Launch tutoring is 100% online, their tutors undergo extensive background checks and training prior to being hired. Mind Launch tutoring sessions are 50 minutes a piece, and afterwards tutors provide email summaries of each session for review. Mind Launch tutoring covers any subject at an average tutoring rate of $99 an hour.

Mind Launch-01

Frog Tutoring 3.4/5

Average cost of tutoring: $40/hour

Frog Tutoring is a tutoring marketplace that connects students to tutors. Their tutors do not have teaching credentials but are undergraduate or graduate students who are tested on their proficiency in the subjects they tutor prior to meeting students. As far as convenience goes, Frog Tutoring tutors will come to your house for in-home tutoring or meet in public and their hours are flexible, but there is no online platform to use alternatively. The tutors are safe with background checks and reviews, but ultimately it is Frog Tutoring’s inability to hold their tutors accountable brings their score down. 

Frog Tutoring-01

Princeton Review 3.5/5

Average cost of tutoring: $130/hour

Princeton Review is a tutoring agency that offers both in-person and online tutoring for their students. Many of their tutors have teaching credentials and students’ skills are assessed prior to designing a custom tutoring curriculum. Princeton also provides background check for their tutors, however there is no real company-issued training in place besides a subject proficiency exam. Unique to Princeton Review, tutors are granted 3 “levels of mastery” via the amount of hours they spend tutoring with Princeton — Private, Master, and Premier Tutor. The levels range from over 40-1,000+ hours of tutoring experience, and the more experienced the tutor, the higher their rate. Like many tutoring agencies in our list, Princeton lacks in accountability for their tutors. However, they have no shortage of packages offering custom classes, curriculums and materials for their students’ use. With one of the highest average hourly rates, they balance out at a 3.5.

*Princeton Review owns

Princeton Review-01

TutaPoint 3.5/5

Average cost of tutoring: $32/hour

100% online, many of TutaPoint’s tutors have teaching credentials, and all of TutaPoint’s tutors receive criminal background checks and training prior to being hired. TutaPoint offers online tutoring in all subjects. While TutaPoint makes a point to routinely monitor their tutors’ online sessions, they are lacking in other aspects of accountability and tutoring effectiveness. Tutors are not specific to an individual student, there are no initial skills assessments or progress reports provided per student.

Tuta Point-01

Veritas Prep 3.6/5

Average cost of tutoring: $150/hour

Veritas Prep tutors have all scored in the 99th percentile, but more than this, they are required to have sufficient prior teaching experience. At Veritas Prep, students can expect to undergo a skills assessment including a practice test and other methods used by tutors to pinpoint your learning styles and areas of weakness. Veritas Prep tutors will then build a lesson plan around your student. Veritas Prep scores extra points in convenience for offering both in-person and online tutoring. They lose the most points from their high prices and hourly minimums.

Veritas Prep-01

Morris Tutoring 3.6/5

Average cost of tutoring: $55/hour

Morris Tutoring loses points for a lack of convenience, due to the fact that they don’t have an online tutoring platform, and have set tutoring hours. However, Morris Tutoring scores much better in effectiveness of tutoring. If you’re looking to go with Morris Tutoring, you should probably know Susan. Susan, with 10+ years teaching experience and master’s degree in special education, is the founder of Morris Tutoring but also continues to tutor herself (for a premium hourly rate). One thing Morris Tutoring has in the bag seems to be accountability. In fact, Morris Tutoring will go as far as to contact every teacher you have in the subject you receive tutoring for to construct a better tutoring lesson plan for you.

Morris Tutoring-01

Revolution Prep 3.7/5

Average cost of tutoring: $99/hour

When it comes to a tally, Revolution Prep has a lot to bring to the table. Specializing in one on one, private tutoring, they require their tutors to score in the top 1% on the ACT or SAT — setting a paper-thin margin for excellence. These tutors are graduates from Ivy League universities, some with teaching credentials, and all of them receive background checks and personality screenings prior to being hired. Not to mention, Revolution Prep is a member of a tutoring category we call “Team Tutoring”, which means they hold their tutors accountable and provide progress evaluations for students and tutors. With so much to offer, Revolution Prep’s score would be higher except for the fact that they don’t offer in-person tutoring, their online ratings are not so spectacular, and the biggest loss of ranking comes from their average cost of $99/hour. 

Revolution Prep-01

Growing Stars 3.8/5

Average cost of tutoring: $15/hour

Growing Stars is another example of what I call Team Tutoring. They gain points in tutoring effectiveness for having an Education Manager that meets regularly with parents of students to evaluate their progress and provide feedback. Growing Stars offers one-on-one, online tutoring for academic and test prep. They gain the most points from their low hourly rates, although the minimum amount of hours you can start off at is 8 hours a month. 

Growing Stars-01

Kaplan Test Prep 3.9/5

Average cost of tutoring: $48/hour

Kaplan Test Prep knows their test prep well, but they’re expensive. They take the biggest hit with their price of $48/hr for one-on-one SAT or ACT test prep, and even then the tutor is mainly there to administer support to students while they are taking online courses. Which isn’t to say that their tutors aren’t creme of the crop, because their application process requires a video submission, online audition, small group online audition, and in-person audition, all before a rigorous training process. Where Kaplan loses more points is the fact that they are ONLY good for test prep, and don’t offer any kind of academic tutoring or homework help.


Wyzant 3.9/5

Average cost of tutoring: $50/hour

Wyzant is a Tutoring Marketplace that helps connect parents and students to tutors in their area. Wyzant requires its tutors to complete subject proficiency exams, and some tutors (although not all, because there is a wide range) are certified teachers. Tutors on Wyzant often feature background checks, but background checks can also be requested for any Wyzant tutor. Wyzant’s cons are that after finding your tutor, Wyzant is no longer involved in the tutoring process other than to process your payments. Wyzant does not hold its tutors accountable with progress evaluations of tutors or their students or offer an initial skills and proficiency assessment to develop custom curriculums for its students. 

*Wyzant is affiliated with Tutor Bungalow


IvyWise 3.9/5

Average cost of tutoring: $11/hour

IvyWise offers both online and in-home tutoring (for NY residents). IvyWise elicits a Team Tutoring approach, assigning both a counselor and tutor to each student. Counselors are required to have a minimum of 3 years’ direct experience in an undergraduate admissions office, and tutors are required to have a bachelor’s degree. With the ridiculously cheap price of $11/hour, you may be thinking IvyWise seals the deal. Don’t forget, of course, to take into account the value of your tutoring! IvyWise does not offer a great deal of customization for their tutoring, and their overall accountability is lower than other companies. 


PrepScholar Tutors 4/5

Average cost of tutoring: $56/hour

One of the higher scores in our list of tutoring companies, PrepScholar Tutors rightfully earns its 4 out of 5 rating. PrepScholar selects 1 tutor qualified tutor out of every 500 that apply. These tutors are from top universities, 99th percentile scorers, and experienced teachers. PrepScholar scores points most companies don’t in tutoring effectiveness because not only do they provide initial assessments of students prior to developing a tutoring plan, but they also administer weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback, which ups their tutor accountability. PrepScholar doesn’t have many points to lose, but because they only offer online tutoring, they lose some in convenience.

Prep Scholar Tutors-01

A to Z Tutoring 4/5

Average cost of tutoring: $52.50/hour

A bit of a “diamond in the rough” so-to-speak, A to Z Tutoring is a unique tutoring company that provides both tutoring and therapy. Every tutor at A to Z Tutoring is a state-certified teacher who receives multiple criminal background checks and undergoes a rigorous training process. Once assigned to their tutor, A to Z Tutoring tracks students progress and provides reports and feedback. A to Z Tutoring also recognizes the challenges faced by students with learning disabilities, and takes special steps to accommodate these students. A to Z does not list test prep for exams such as the SAT or ACT on their website, but does offer academic tutoring. They lose points for this, for not having an online platform, and for their prices… although, in special instances a child may qualify for free tutoring.

A to Z Tutoring-01

Varsity Tutors 4.1/5

Average cost of tutoring: $52.91/hour

Varsity Tutors has one of the higher scores in our list of tutoring companies, sitting at a solid 4.0 points. Their tutor selection process includes an interview, a screening of previous experience, academic background and personality, as well as mock tutoring sessions — which is a form of training not many companies profess to. They do not fall into the category of Team Tutoring because they do not hold their tutors accountable and they do not issue progress evaluations, however they DO assess their students’ skills and structure their tutoring around these evaluations. They offer in-home and online tutoring with flexible hours. 

Varsity Tutors-01

Inspire In-Home Tutoring 4.1/5

Average cost of tutoring: $48/hour

Inspire In-Home Tutoring is another one of our high scorers. Inspire tutors are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree, but can have either prior tutoring OR teaching experience. Inspire In-Home Tutoring provides nationwide background checks on all of their tutors. Inspire In-Home Tutoring claims that “they’ve never met a subject they didn’t like”, and on that basis, offers both academic and test prep tutoring… but not online. One interesting aspect of Inspire In-Home Tutoring’s price is that it actually goes down the more tutor-seeking kids you sign up! And, A to Z Tutoring is not the only company offering a chance at free tutoring, because Inspire uniquely offers free tutoring hours in exchange for follow-through referrals.

Inspire In Home Tutoring-01

Student-Tutor 4.5/5

Average cost of tutoring: $52/hour

I’m happy to say that through a fair analysis of each tutoring company in this list, Student-Tutor was able to score a 4.5 overall! While you can see we are not the cheapest option, we make up for this loss of points through our “Team Tutoring” accountability and customization techniques. The entire company is involved in the success of anyone student. Our tutors do not have teaching credentials, but every tutor goes through a background check and company training and scored in the 99th percentile. We also account for convenience, offering both in-home and online tutoring



We did a lot of research for this article, and I’m excited to finally get this information out to YOU, the parents who need it most. I want you to know what options are out there without the mess of company voicemails and automated email responses that you would have to sift through otherwise.

We are more than happy to provide you with a detailed report of our findings

 What tutoring companies did we miss? Do you agree or disagree with our findings? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Todd VanDuzer

Co-Founder & CEO at Student-Tutor
Hello! My name is Todd. I help students design the life of their dreams by ensuring college, scholarship, and career success! I am a former tutor for seven years, $85,000 scholarship recipient, Huffington Post contributor, lead SAT & ACT course developer, host of a career exploration podcast for teens, and have worked with thousands of students and parents to ensure a brighter future for the next generation. I invite you to join my next webinar to learn how to save thousands + set your teenager up for college, scholarship, and career success!
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5 years ago

Would love to see a review from a tutor perspective. I quit working with one company because they would keep 40% of earnings and require a detailed lesson summary. I was spending 3 hours total pre and post tutoring session! Today, a different company contacted me to see if I would be interested in tutoring for them. Their policy is that once they connect you to a client, you can never ever to read them again except through their company. I think this is a bit excessive. The previous company I referenced had a one-year policy before you could tutor… Read more »

Pat Payne
Pat Payne
5 years ago

Huntington Learning Centers should be on this list!

Tiffany Anderson
Tiffany Anderson
5 years ago

I’m just looking for an in home or center tutoring for my son going into the 4th grade. Primarily math (though some help in reading comprehension & critical thinking too) and specifically someone trained in every parents nightmare, common core. Can you make any suggestions specific to where we live?

Gail Smith
Gail Smith
5 years ago

As a Sylvan owner for 16 years, I can tell you that we offer a unique, team approach to helping students and families locally in a professional environment. For approximately $47 per hour, we offer much more support than an individual tutor. As an owner and center director, I counsel families daily and provide support and program information through on-going conferences. My director of education oversees the integrity of each individual program and ensures our teachers are highly trained and qualified. Our teachers enjoy a warm and friendly professional teaching environment with additional staff support whose job it is to… Read more »

Sharon Campbell
Sharon Campbell
6 years ago

Okay…so to evaluate your evaluation…you are not doing your research. FrogTutoring, for example, does hold their tutors accountable for each and every session! They are required to leave detailed notes on each session that is completed. Tutors are trained, interviewed, evaluated and background screened for criminal history and must provide academic proof of their compliance with subject mater, and can opt into a client assignment. There is a tutor match guarantee so if the tutor and the client don’t match, a new tutor is assigned, at the company cost. They offer their own interactive tutoring platform for online clients serving… Read more »

Tricia Paoluccio
Tricia Paoluccio
6 years ago

Next Level Learning? Did you review them? I just had the worst interaction with Varsity Tutors. I called specifically to find a tutor for my NYC Public school fourth grader to prepare for the ELA and the state Math tests coming up. I signed up for a package…it was 2000 for 24 hours (but the text prep sessions they said had to be two hours!) so that is 166 a lesson…very expensive. I had about a dozen phone conversations and interactions with them in order to be super clear about what I wanted and needed. A tutor to help with… Read more »

6 years ago

Thanks for the research! Do you know how much Academic Approach charges for one-on-one sessions? I couldn’t find it on their website.

Stephanie Eijsink
Stephanie Eijsink
6 years ago

Mathnasium was great for my 4th grade first daughter for 6 months. Then our local branch changed their policy in December and for my second daughter my husband unknowingly signed up for a different policy. It wasn’t until the summer was almost over (her 6 month period ended in May) and I checked my email. We had been charged for the 3 summer months and would have been charged monthly “in perpetuity”—a new “national policy” that you sign up “forever” like a gym membership?? At least that’s what the BBB local rep said. She and the owner both said this… Read more »

Laura Petersen
Laura Petersen
6 years ago

Oh, wow, thank you for sharing your experience, Stephanie! That is frustrating to feel like you got locked into a ‘forever’ contract without realizing it. It is good for other readers of this to know going in and to really ask about this specifically. Thank you for sharing your experience for people to learn from! 🙂 Glad to hear that the program worked for your 4th grader – so important to get Math help early so kids to fall behind and start hating Math! I used to teach high school Geometry and Algebra II. Students by then had “I love/hate… Read more »

6 years ago

I read your article with interest and belief until I saw an eye popping inaccuracy regarding Kumon. As a Kumon Instructor of 15 years, I must point out that your cost figure is wildly inaccurate. You claim it costs $131.66 per HOUR, while few centers charge that much per MONTH. A more accurate hourly cost would be $26. Please do better reasearch on Kumon and correct the figures in your otherwise thoughtful article.

Kim Miller
Kim Miller
7 years ago

Thank you for this comparison summary.
You did not mention whether Student-Tutor has tutors, specifically for 1st and 2nd year English, that can work with a college student who is dyslexic and ADHD – do you?
Keep up the valuable services you provide our students!
best, Kim

7 years ago
Reply to  Todd VanDuzer

Do you have tutors that are trained in the Wilson Reading program so they understand how students with dyslexia learn differently to tackle English assignments where reading, comprehension, writing, and spelling are the challenges? Big thx

Laura Petersen
Laura Petersen
7 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Hi Kim! That is a great question.

We have not hired specifically for that, but we can absolutely poll our tutors to see if anyone has experience with that program.

If interested, give us a call 480-788-7004 or email at [email protected] (lead advisor and helps coordinate with the tutors) to share a bit more info on grade level and things and we can check! 🙂

But officially, we have not specialized in it as of yet.

Mahua Adhya
Mahua Adhya
7 years ago

Hi how much will it cost for Hon. Pre Calculus and AP Physics tutoring ?

John Zientowski
John Zientowski
7 years ago

Hello Todd,

Thanks for the comprehensive report! I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a detailed report of your findings. Thanks again.

Best regards,
John Zientowski

7 years ago

what about mathnasium?