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Free Online Math Tutoring

Some families may not have it in their budget to get tutoring help come to their home. Or maybe their child’s schedule is so packed it is hard to set aside time. But everyone can benefit from this amazing free resource!

Many have already heard about the free online math tutoring tool called The Khan Academy (but it’s not just math, actually!). But some have not, so we wanted to write a quick blog about it to make sure everyone was aware of such a great resource for helping their kids with math and more.

For example, if John or Sally are struggling with understanding Algebra, you can simply type in the topic into the search bar and up will pop numerous videos clearly explaining the topic and beyond!

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About the Free Online Math Tutoring Resource

Name: The Khan Academy


Catch Phrase: “Learn almost anything for free.”

Who they are designed to help: Students, Teachers, Parents, Principals, Coaches. Anyone and everyone!

How They Teach – Videos:

– Over 4100 videos.
– Are about 10 minutes long and designed for viewing on a computer.
– They have a library of videos that cover Math (K-12th grade including SAT Math), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Humanities, Finance, and History.

How They Teach – Adaptive Assessments:

You can work out problems, see correct solutions, and the move on to the next level of difficulty. The computer decides what the next problem should be based on your performance on the previous problems!

Statistics Personalized to Your Progress:

Everytime you work a problem or watch a video, the Khan Academy remembers what you learned and where you spent time. They keep the data private but expose powerful statistics to users and coaches (if you choose to share it). You can get at-a-glance information about everything you have been learning and whether or not you’ve been hitting your goals.

You can see from a bird’s-eye view of your profile or look specifically into each skill that you’ve ever worked on. You can see real, hard data about your increasing mastery of math and more.

How it works:

You can sign up and sign in for a free account where your child’s progress can be tracked. Or, simply type any topic you want to learn more about into the search bar at the top. And learn away!

Quote from the founder:

“I teach the way that I wish I was taught. The lectures are coming from me, an actual human being who is fascinated by the world around him.” —Sal

A note from author

We really encourage students and parents of all ages to explore the Khan Academy and put this free online math tutoring resource to use for their benefit in any way they can.
Example of the Quadratic Formula - free online math tutoring tool.
Example of the Quadratic Formula – free online math tutoring tool.
Want to better understand the Quadratic Formula? Click here!
Want to explore Basic Trigonometry? Click here!
Need help with multiplying and dividing fractions? Click here!
Working on SAT Math problems from one of our SAT classes and need extra explanation? Click here! (Then get our FREE E-book for mastering the SATs).
Interested in the Anatomy of a Neuron? Click here!
In a Physics class and need to review Newton’s Laws of Motion? Click here!

PS: Know of other helpful free online math tutoring resources? Please share with us!

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8 years ago

Hey! I must thank you for doing this great work. It is great that you are helping students online by tips and tutoring services online. keep it up!

8 years ago

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8 years ago

All the parents need professional tutors for every subject area and grade level. K-12 tutoring services help students by identifying areas in which they are struggling, clarifying and strengthening their current understanding, then building their proficiency in the material.

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