what to wear for school pictures

Tips on What to Wear for School Picture Day

Tips on What to Wear for School Picture Day

As much as school photos are memorable, they’re usually not that good. School photos and bad photos go together. It is like coffee and creamer. There must be something which one can do to avoid the bad school pictures of their child. One way could be to see what your children wear on school picture day. School photos could be a beautiful source of capturing and storing memories. 

There is a way to capture good pictures in school. The school of Fine Art uses a black backdrop. You can remove background from photos using a tool from depositphotos.com and insert a different background to make all portraits in the album look the uniform style. The picture process depends on the photographer as well.

Dressing your child most suitably seems like a challenge with a black background. It seems like any color your kid would wear will clash with black. There is a list of dos and Don’ts that you should consider. For example, don’t let your child wear neon colors or black. However, they could wear subtle prints or solid earth tones. 

In this article, we have shared with you the list of what to and what not to wear on school picture day. 

What to Wear and Not to Wear for School Day?

  1. Avoid bright or neon colors:

Avoid using fluorescent or vivid colors. Even though they appear cute to us, they detract from a shot. These colors overwhelm the frame. To make matters worse, their skin may develop color stains. In other words, the vivid pink can make your child’s chin and neck appear brilliant pink. 

  1. Don’t wear black. Do wear color for school picture day:

Black is the most classic color which everyone prefers to wear. However, black is not a suitable color when there’s a black backdrop for pictures. Your child would like a floating head. Instead, go with colors that are neutral, i.e., not too dark and not too bright. You can make your child wear grey, tan or cream colors for a photograph. 

  1. Avoid wearing shirts with text, characters, or large logos. Do wear subtle prints:

Again, stay away from anything that can draw attention away from your child. Tops with phrases or characters are annoying. You can offer a little more than solid colors as well. Try making your child wear delicate prints. 

As a general rule, have your child try the clothing on and make a note. Does it accentuate them or catch your attention? To complement is the intention.

One quick note. The tank top is visible in the photo above. While tank tops are OK, avoid styles with spaghetti straps or low cuts. Due to their small stature, they may appear to be shirtless.

  1. Don’t wear hoodies. Do wear t-shirts or polos:

Hoodies can look bulky around your child’s neck. Also, children sometimes start playing with the hoodies (playing with the zip or hood, etc.) This will resist your child from focusing on the camera for the picture. My son has been there. He was wearing a hoodie. When I asked him for a photograph, he immediately pulled the hood on his face. I bet every child would do such a thing for fun. 

The stripes are not the reverse of hoodies. But, his garment provided a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how well dark colors and stripes shoot for school shots. Take note of how the t-shirt contrasts with the picture of the enormous hoodie. With the T-Shirt on, he may stand out rather than blend in.

Tips to Wear Perfectly for School Picture Day

  • Don’t let our kids wear huge accessories on their heads. It can be a distraction.  
  • Be careful while wearing lower tops or tops with thin straps. In the tight frame of the photo, it may look like the child is not wearing a shirt at all. 
  • Ask your child not to wear a hat during the picture. The shadow of the hat will dull the look on the child’s face. It can also cause uneven lightening on the face. 
  • Allow your students to take part in choosing their clothes. A kid who is comfortable and helpful is more excited on picture day.
  • Avoid focusing on the bottom half of their attire. (Except if it’s neon.) Don’t worry if your child wants to wear dinosaur rain boots or sweats with a dress shirt. They might be happier, but the picture won’t show it.
  • Make sure your youngster is wearing a fitted top. Now is not the moment to assess the potential room for growth. A baggy outfit can look messy in photos.

For a single photograph day in school, I may have left you overwhelmed. It may look like that I have listed too many do’s and don’ts. But in the end, always prefer those colors your child would look great in.

Final Verdict:

Despite your best efforts, school photos occasionally don’t end out good. There is always a re-take day, so don’t worry! You might also arrange a family photo shoot. Or take your kid to a different photographer to capture these moments. Follow the above guidelines to make your kid’s school picture day perfect.

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