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K12 Checklist: 7 Skills Young Learners Have to Master During These Years in Order to Get Ready for College Assignments

The future can be very hard to predict because jobs that are available now might not be there in the future. Many roles these days are being replaced by robots. However, humans are still needed to perform certain tasks. 

Any job, from an accountant to artists, educators, lawyers, and engineers, requires one to have specific skills to be able to perform them properly. Experts from name the 7 skills young learners have to master to be ready for college assignments. 

Creativity skills 

When a student starts their first year of college, they will be given a mountain of assignments that they must pass to progress academically. Topics will vary in difficulty and for one to produce the best work possible, they need to have creative skills. 

Young learners can polish their creative skills by interacting with other students, speaking to tutors, reading books or articles, and watching content on platforms such as YouTube. An assignment is like a giant puzzle that must be cracked, and it is only through creative skills one obtains from an early age that one can tackle problems presented to them with ease.

Collaboration skills 

Some assignments that tutors give their students require them to work together. A young learner needs to know the value of teamwork and the role it plays. While we are fortunate to have so many technological devices at our disposal that make working alone easier, working alongside others speeds things up. Projects or assignments can be completed twice as fast compared to if a student does them on their own.

Critical thinking and research skills 

We are spoiled with days with information found all around us. These days young leaders don’t have to spend countless hours in the library to find what they need, everything can be found on the internet by clicking a few buttons. 

With all this information available, young learners need to know which information is important to their research and which one isn’t when they are getting ready for college assignments. They are so many out-of-date, fake articles, and fictional content out there, and critical thinking skills allow a student to filter through a lot of content and only focus on what they need.

Time and people management skills 

Young learners need to know how to use their time wisely before they begin college. The problem that many students have is they think they have a lot of time on their hands and enjoy themselves a little too much. 

This leads to them losing focus on what matters which is attending classes, writing their assignments, and preparing for exams. When a student keeps missing classes, not submitting assignments, and failing their exams, they will not progress and might be kicked off the course. If an international student does this, it can be a  waste of money for their parents.

Leaving things till the last minute can cause unwanted stress due to a lack of preparation. When a student shows a lack of preparation as a young learner, chances are they will carry on this bad habit when they become an adult. Candidates like these are avoided  by many companies and when a student is lucky enough to graduate, they will find it hard to find a job

Time management skills help young learners become more organized and not leave things till the last minute. Everything will be done on time and people skills go hand in hand with collaboration skills. Young learners will know how to interact with their peers and lead or inspire them when the time is right.

Decision-making skills 

Life is all about making good choices but sometimes college students make silly ones especially when the pressure is on, or they are put on the spot. Decision-making skills need to be learned from a very young age too just like all the skills above so that one can make the right choices. 

The last thing that any student needs is to make decisions that harm their academic progression. If anyone wants to improve their decision-making skills, they can speak to professionals or older and wiser people in their life. 

Technological skills 

Ever since their invention, computers, TVs, and phones have changed the way we live our lives today. Any young learner that is about to start college needs to know how to use a computer at the very least because they will be required to type essays. 

This means being familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If one doesn’t know how to use these programs, they can take up online classes or, in many cases, colleges will offer students foundation courses that teach them the basics of IT irrespective of the course they are studying.

Communication skills 

Without communication, the world would stand still because people wouldn’t be able to say anything to one another. Communication is crucial because it is how we get messages across to each other and young learners need to know how to communicate effectively both written and oral before starting college. Without this, young learners will feel lost and will not be able to settle into college life properly. 

Communication can also be non-verbal and young learners need to familiarize themselves with different gestures and body language to avoid sending the wrong message to their peers or tutors. 

Final thoughts 

The 7 skills mentioned above need to be mastered before any young learner steps foot on any college campus. When applying for a place at a college university, some institutions will see if a student has some skills above before offering them a place. If some skills are lacking, they might offer a spot to another student who has them. It is impossible to be perfect, but with the right mentors and guidance, a student can develop these skills and while in college co to he told work on them.

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