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Top 5 Popular Programming Languages 2021

The current age has been called digital for a reason, and if you want to achieve great things, you should keep your eyes peeled for the latest trends and requirements of the modern world.

Today, it has become rare to be in a workplace without the internet. The online space, run by a series of codes and different programming languages, has revolutionized the way we do our jobs.

So it is no longer surprising why young people are now striving to learn how to code in order to get ahead and land a more high-paying role in the job market.

And thanks to the online digital space, you can now choose where and when to work. Your employers can anyone, and that anyone can just pay to write essay, codes, reports, and many more.

Whether you or your kids want to join the ranks of these top professionals with high-paying jobs and flexible hours, then it is worth trying your hand at some of the easiest programming languages to learn.

There are now tons of coding for kids programs available online so you do not have to worry if you or your kids are both rookies.

The programming language that we have cited below are mostly used in introductory coding courses and some kids even take these online coding class as well.

That said, anyone can easily catch up and master a coding language or two.

Introduction to Computer Programming

Coding for Kids

Before we introduce a few programming languages, it bears repeating that programming has a set of rules, systems, and conditions. It is not just writing a bunch of random codes.

If you want to start learning, there are a few things that you should know

System Requirements

Keep in mind that not every programming language would work on your current system.

Before you enroll in any coding programs, you need to know the system requirements for running the programming language that you choose to learn.

For example, if you are using a MAC or Apple product, then the most convenient programming language that you should learn is Swift (Apple’s own programming language). This way, you do not have to install other programs just to run it or compile it.

If you are a rooking, then we highly recommend you not upgrade and buy a new laptop/computer.

Given that you are still not familiar with any programming language, it is best to just work with the current system that you have. Start small and build your foundational knowledge first.

Upgrade your system only when necessary and if you are certain that you are on board the learning journey to programming for a long time.

Learning Resources

If you are a rookie on a budget, then resourcefulness should be your number one soft skill.

Like any subject or skill, learning sometimes requires out-of-pocket expenses. However, that is not always the case when it comes to learning coding or programming.

There are now tons of free online courses and learning materials available on the internet for public viewing. You just have to be patient and resourceful enough to find which one would actually help you in your learning journey.

Keep in mind that not everything you see on the internet is credible. So we highly recommend you to be more discerning as well once you start looking for learning materials and resources.

Block-based Programming

You can build a better foundational knowledge of programming through programs like Scratch and Blockly. Using this block-based programming software is one of the best way and most fun ways to get started on coding.

Several online coding programs and even professors at university utilized programs like Scratch and Blockly to teach their students.

Rather than immediately teach you and make you memorize a bunch of codes, these programs would familiarize you with the loops, conditionals, and rules used in many programming languages.

Once you get the idea, then that is only when you should start learning a text based coding language like the ones we have listed below.


Nowadays, it is the most popular and in-demand programming language, so if you don’t know where to get started, pay attention to this one.

It is multifunctional, so one can utilize it for writing scripts, creating gaming platforms, apps, and bots. Such a popular social network as Instagram utilizes it too.

Many coding for kids’ programs also uses Python as one of the introductory languages that they can teach to kids.

Python is easy to understand for beginners so you would be able to master it in no time.

When compared to another programming language like C++, Python is much easier to learn since it requires minimal lines of code.

For instance, the blocks of codes used in C++ can be written in Python with only a few lines of code. The latter requires five times less code than the former.

Where to Learn Python:

The official website of the Python programming language has a section where they recommend a few introductory books and code samples that beginners can use.

You can check out some of the introductory books they recommend and try learning Python at your own pace

Google’s Python Class

A free class is offered at The content of this site is mostly introductory learning materials and lessons on Python. It’s perfect for beginners like you who are just testing the waters and trying out different programming languages.

Microsoft’s Introduction to Python Course

This learning program from Microsoft would teach you the most basic way of how to execute statements and scripts, declare variables, and create basic apps through Python.


An online learning platform where you can learn Python the way students learn it in colleges or universities. Most of the courses offered in Udemy are accredited and produced by legit universities and colleges around the world.


Coding for Kids

When it comes to careers for front-end web development, learning JavaScript is the way to go.

If you already know HTML and CSS, learning how to code in JavaScript might be a piece of cake for you.

Most of the popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox can run on this code so you would face little to no problem when it comes to system requirements.

E-commerce and big companies like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and so on still (or had) use Javascript to manage their web pages.

Once you understand the basic programming concepts, then you could immediately start to learn JavaScript.

It is very easy to use and there are a lot of online forums that can help you if you ever face any errors in your codes

Where to learn:


Given that JavaScript is the most accessible language to learn, you can use freeCodeCamp as a supplement to your current learning materials. This nonprofit organization has a massive online community forum consist of developers, so if you are ever stuck, you can just post your query on their website.

MDN Web Docs

From the creators of Mozilla, this website offers free tutorials for rookies and complete beginners like you. So if you have no idea how to write in any markup language like HTML or CSS, then you can simply start the slow process of learning Javascript through this coding website.


This online learning platform is another repository of courses from top institutions and universities. You can find courses about Javascript from the University of California, Saint Petersburg, University of Michigan, and many more.


Java is one of the most popular coding languages today because of Minecraft. Even though Java is arguably harder than JavaScript, because of Minecraft, many people have tried their luck in learning this language.

Given the games exploding influence on content creators and gamers, even kids are now trying to learn how to code in Java.

It stands out with high stability and code compilation, not to mention portability across operating systems.

Considering that it works well on any platform, you can write all possible apps and graphic widgets, getting the best out of its capabilities.

Professional programmers utilize it to develop games, websites and even do scientific research since it is robust and secure.

Perhaps the only criticism we have is its complexity to learn on its own. For anyone to teach and appreciate Java, it needs to be tied with some sort of fun coding project. Otherwise, it would be too boring just to learn and sift through lines of text-based codes.

Where to learn:


Codeacamdey is one of the most popular learning platforms on coding. They offer tons of free and paid courses on Python for all coding skill levels. Even if you have no clue what or how Python works, you can easily find a course that would fit you.  


As we have mentioned earlier, the best way to learn to code is through coding game and fun project. While Codakid courses are mostly geared towards kids, you might still find their learning materials and projects fun, informative, and entertaining.


One of the top online learning platforms is edX. They offer several courses from Ivy League universities like Harvard, MIT, Yale, and so on. Courses are crafted based on different skill levels as well.


Coding for Kids

It represents an object-oriented coding language with the broad capability of the C programming language, so it combines features as well as qualities of low and high levels.

Most CAD apps utilize C++ interfaces because of their powerful technical characteristics.

Professionals who deal with high-performance programs and templates and games creation use it since it stands out with various coding functions.

Other than that, you can integrate it with Microsoft products and Windows as well.

So it is no longer a surprise why many IT companies that hire web developers mention knowledge of this programming language among the key requirements for such a position.

Where to learn:


Given that C++ might be too complicated for beginners, Edabit offers fun and bite-sized coding challenges. This way, mastering the language through practice and learning it would not feel too overwhelming.


The official website for the C++ language also offers tutorials and other supplementary learning materials.


A website devoted to only teaching the C++ language. The learning materials are categorized based on skill level. Because of this, you can either start from the beginning or just skip ahead if you already know the basic coding concepts of C++.


Even though PHP has been around for a while already, it remains to be one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

It comes in handy for server-side web creation that stays in the shadows for an ordinary web user.

Specialists like it for a wide range of available built-in tools and modules required for creating the back-end of the apps and websites.

Its advantages include cross-platform, built-in support for MySQL and professional growth within the specialty.

Considering that PHP appeared many years ago, it has managed to develop an impressive user community worldwide.

In addition, you can come across various frameworks, automation tools, and libraries created with PHP.

If you are a rookie who wants to work as a freelancer, for the most part, learning this language can become a win-win option.

Where to learn:

PHP 101

Their website slogan is “Gentle Introduction to WordPress Programing.” So if you are a beginner, you can easily catch up and understand the lesson. They would ease you into programming and guide you as you gradually make your way to the learning curve.

PHP Manual

The official website of PHP language offers a manual or cheat sheet to learn and master the language. You can use this as supplementary material as you learn the language.


Keep in mind that learning one programming language might not be enough. Some jobs would require at least 2 or more programming languages before they can even hire you. 

So apart from the five programming languages that we mentioned, we should mention that there are still hundreds of coding languages out there that you can learn.

That said, get started and master any of these programming languages now.

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