What is the Best Way to Learn Java

When you look at the endless benefits of the Java programming language, it is quite natural to find out the ways to learn it. We are already familiar with the questions you have been asking yourself for learning Java or looking for ways to find the most practical java tutorial for beginners. So, let’s not wait any time and find out our options for getting our heads busy with the learning ways of Java. 

What is Java Language?

Java is a cross-platform programming language that wins popularity through generations. Java is definitely a decent high-level programming language to learn from the ground up if you want to build apps. There are several resources available, it is a widely-used programming language, and it is object-oriented.

Simply put, Java is a strong object-oriented programming language. It is a more secure language in terms of security.

Not only that, but it’s very simple; it’s a lot less complicated than C++, and it serves as a deterrent to learning C++.

Yes, I know you are now more than ever interested in finding the pathway to learning Java. So, let’s begin.

Why Java is a Great Language to Learn Now

It is beginners friendly

Java introduces an Object-Oriented method of programming, allowing even the most inexperienced Java developers to model their surroundings in code and thinking like a developer.

Highly demanded

Object-oriented programming also makes it simple to maintain and change existing code, so even inexperienced programmers can start working on commercial projects.

best way to learn java

It is demanded more in the job community. As per the indeed, a largest job find platform, Java, Python, and Javascript are the most popular programming languages in terms of job vacancies. 

A cross-platform programming language with minimal limitations

It enables programmers to construct programs for a wide range of computers with a single programme as a cross-platform language. Most, if not all, PCs can run cross-platform software with little or no modification.

Rich API

The key reason for JAVA’s popularity is its extensive API structure. Java comes with a comprehensive collection of tools, all of which are backed by Java’s open-source ecosystem and include everything you’ll need to get started with the language.

Deep community support

There are approximately ten million Java developers around the globe. The Java community is always expanding. Java is available on a variety of forums, including StackOverflow, where experienced java programmers are always willing to assist newcomers.

Open Source

Java is free to use since it is open source. Just because it is an open-source programming language, you are free to download it from the official Java website.

Wide Range of Development Tools

The sophisticated IDEs that are available for Java have propelled it to the top of the heap. Java coding has become more thoughtful and enjoyable thanks to Eclipse and Netbeans. They also provide programmers with a high level of debugging assistance.

The Best Sources to Learn Java 

Remember that the best option is the right practice/theory ratio (80 to 20). However, the following sources can provide you with the Java courses, the experience of theory and practice. Combine all beloved sources for the best results. However, all of the resources serve different purposes, giving you the best chances to help yourself. 

Java Bootcamp:

Java online courses for beginners:

Java tutorial for beginners

Java blogs

Java videos (YouTube)

Still, have some doubts and questions? Don’t shy to ask for help:

Following are the platforms filled with the answers to your questions by the experts. It is an opportunity for any Java developer to connect with the other developers, build a community and learn everything they want to learn.

Wrap Up

With JAVA, development is much faster, and application development is much less expensive. The outcome is a strong application that is stable, bug-free, and portable to any device or operating system. Except for Java, no other programming language provides all of these functionalities in a single package. Also, it is and will be a very popular programming language its been proven through decades. 

best way to learn java

If you are ready to begin, you can learn Java on CodeGym through their Java tutorial for beginners and excel in your Career Opportunities.


  1. What is the fastest way to learn Java?

Java is more than just trying to learn it; it is about knowing the best approaches to improve your programming skills. Learning a programming language with technology is an excellent idea. The quickest approach to learn it is to follow Codegym’s tutorials, which are 80 percent practical and 20 percent theory.

  1. Is it easy to learn Java?

If you compare it to the other programming languages, then yes, it is easy. Yet, you need to focus on practicing it more. Besides, while you are learning, your focus should be more on solving the problems. Rest, Java is a language with a huge support community; you will always find it helpful.

  1. How long will it take to learn Java?

Usually, to start from the beginning and basics, you must learn to approach java learning in the right way. It requires more practice before the basics. So, normally, this can take 3 months. But the timeline depends more on your focus.

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