Elementary School

Elementary school, as called grade school, usually includes Kindergarten through 5th or 6th grade, depending on the school district. Elementary subjects cover mathematics, history or social studies, science, english, physical education, and art. When kids struggle in elementary school it is usually in the main subjects of elementary math or elementary language arts like reading and writing.

Memorize SAT Vocab With 4 Fun, Foolproof Steps

If you hear the word “vocab,” what do you think of? Personally, I remember hours of memorizing words on flashcards. Or spelling tests in middle school. Or Spanish class, when I desperately tried to make up songs to remember the differences between conducir, encontrar, and comprar. Or snooty people at dinner parties with bigger vocabularies …

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reading and literacy are important

Reading and Literacy

The Importance of Reading and Literacy: Grim Statistics and How to Help Your Kids Let’s start with some shocking facts about reading and literacy in the U.S. according to research.  1) Between 1993 and 2003: – the average ‘prose literacy’ decreased for adults at most levels of educational attainment – the average ‘document literacy’ decreased …

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