Our tutors are the future teachers, doctors, lawyers, and leaders of tomorrow.

They realize the importance of a strong education and see tutoring as a chance to help "Spark Bright Futures!"

Background Checked

We require criminal background checks and references or proof of prior teaching experience.


Academic excellence and outstanding teaching skills demonstrated through rigorous interviews.


Tested for ability to adapt and build customized lesson plans for different student’s needs.


Friendly and personable demeanor whose mission is to “Spark Bright Futures”!

“We actually turn down tutors with 4.0 GPAs and top SAT scores if they can’t explain the material clearly. Communication is key.”

– Laura Petersen M.A.E.D., Co-Founder

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Our Tutor Hiring Process

Phone Interview

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Tutors must pass all minimum qualifications, demonstrate confidence, a personable demeanor, and display a passion for “Sparking Bright Futures”!

Face to Face

Tutors must demonstrate ability to accommodate their student’s learning style by adapting lesson plans and explaining difficult concepts in a concise, easy to understand manner.

On-going Support

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Once hired, we coach tutors on our compassionate but results-driven approach, countless resources, and techniques for engagement and organization.  

Parents & Students Love Online Tutoring

Really!? Why is that, you ask?

More Options = Better

Why limit your selection of tutors based on a 10-mile radius of your home? Instead, let’s pick the best tutor from anywhere in the U.S.! Online tutoring easy effective, convenient, and easy-to-use. Plus no matter where you live you could have a:

  • Stanford Tutor
  • UC Berkeley Tutor
  • NYU Tutor
  • Harvard Tutor
  • ASU Tutor
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