High School Semester GPA

How to Calculate High School Semester GPA

High school semester grade point average (GPA) refers to the GPA over a particular semester.

How is it different from core, weighted, unweighted, or cumulative GPA?

Below, we have provided you an image to better understand.

How to Calculate High School Cumulative GPA

How is your High School semester GPA calculated?

Since all high school classes are worth the same credit, you take the average GPA of all the classes you took for a particular semester / the number of classes.

Your semester GPA can be weighted and unweighted.

  1. Unweighted Semester GPA: GPA based on a 4.0 scale. Where an A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0; no matter if it is honors, AP, college, or regular.
  2. Weighted Semester GPA: GPA based on a 4.0+ scale. Where an A could count as 4.5 points or 5+ points, B = 3.5 or 4, C = 2.5 or 3, etc. for taking honors, AP, or college classes. This depends on what your high school decides.

For example, let’s say you are currently in 10th-grade and are trying to calculate your High School GPA for the semester.

10th Grade Fall Semester
Class Grade Unweighted Points Weighted Points Core GPA
Hon Algebra 2 A 4 5 4
Chemistry A 4 4 4
English 10 B 3 3 3
Spanish 2 C 2 2 2
Physical Science A 4 4 N/A
AP US History B 3 4 3
Total Points 20 22 16

GPA = Total Points / Total Classes

High School Semester Unweighted GPA: 

  • 20 / 6 = 3.33 semester unweighted GPA

High School Semester Weighted GPA: 

  • 22 / 6 = 3.66 semester weighted GPA

High School Semester Core GPA: (The GPA Colleges Care About!)

  • 16/ 5 = 3.2 semester core GPA

Remember, as shared in how to calculate high school GPA. 

Colleges rarely look at your:

They care mostly about your cumulative 9th – 11th-grade unweighted GPA.

Therefore, when calculating your semester GPA, we recommend you omit non-core classes, don’t worry about the weighted GPA, and include past semesters to also determine your cumulative GPA.

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