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Certified Private College Essay Tutor in Scottsdale, AZ

I am a certified teacher in Arizona for K-12 grade. I have worked with students in the classroom for over ten years and most enjoy working with students struggling with English. I am competent in teaching decoding skills, working with sight words and phonics, and teaching reading comprehension and fluency. I have taught preschoolers and first graders, and I have student-taught third and fourth graders. I spent six years teaching middle school English and four years teaching High School English. In the world of remedial skills teaching, I’ve worked with alternative-school students, students learning the English language, and students with IEPs. I have a passion for reading and writing, and I actually like working with teenagers. So, for those high schoolers looking to write college essays, I can help. I am the mother of two boys under five and love seeing them grow. In my other job, I teach High School. I have both my Master’s and Bachelors’ degrees in Education. I would love to tutor your children. I am in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Education, Arizona State University; Masters, Education, Northern Arizona University;

Tutor's Hobbies

Spending time with my husband and kids, reading, cooking, working out ( when I have time), watching movies and learning!

Certified Private College Essay Tutor in Scottsdale, AZ

My teaching style focuses on facilitating, mentoring, coaching, and guiding to stimulate an interactive learning environment. For a truly successful learning experience, teacher and student must actively engage in the process, with the teacher providing instruction, guidance, and support. I strive to promote a positive learning experience, build rapport, stimulate learner enthusiasm, and achieve academic goals. This approach has shown to effectively increase confidence, motivation, and independence. I have experience tutoring elementary through graduate school students in a variety of different subjects, such as math, science, and English. I believe that it is important to customize the learning experience by adapting my teaching style to accommodate the students learning style to maximize effectiveness. I have a BS in Psychology from Arizona State University, where I defend my thesis this fall in completing my MS in Psychology. My academic and teaching experience focus on the natural, social, and health sciences along with statistics and essay writing, including graduate level research papers. I have presented numerous research papers at national psychology conventions and received a graduate research award for my thesis research. My favorite high school and college subjects to teach are psychology, statistics, research methods, biology, nutrition, and essay writing. I have taken three graduate level statistics courses, and I am proficient in a variety of statistical software programs such as SPSS and structural equation modeling programs (AMOS and EQS). Also, I have a strong skill level in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. I love teaching elementary school students in reading comprehension, writing, math, and the sciences. I believe that this is the time to develop a strong foundation for future learning, which will help sustain a high level of confidence, self-esteem, and autonomy. I work to show this age group that learning is fun by using a variety of activities and resources that ultimately leads to a sense of accomplishment. I would appreciate the opportunity to offer my services toward the academic development of students in the Scottsdale community. I have a passion for learning and teaching, but my other activities include reading, hiking, playing tennis, and watching sports.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Psychology, Arizona State University; Master in Public Health, Psychology, Arizona State University;

Tutor's Hobbies

Hiking, tennis, reading, and watching sports.

Certified Private College Essay Tutor in Scottsdale, AZ

I graduated from Northern Arizona University, where I earned a Master’s in Literature and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Philosophy. Since college graduation, I have been working on finishing my novels and catching up on my reading list. I absolutely love reading! Some of my favorite books include: Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time, Pride and Prejudice, Shakespeare, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Plato’s Five Dialogues. I have recently become obsessed with Divergent as well. I love the idea of discussing what I read with others through analysis and writing. In terms of creative writing, I am working on a fantasy and a dystopian series, as well as non-fiction narratives. I believe you can learn a lot about someone based on what they read and how they write.

Before Varsity Tutors, I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I taught four courses of English 105 (Freshmen Composition) and two courses of English 205 (more advanced Composition), while also tutoring in the campus writing center. Before that, I tutored with America Reads, from learning how to read to literature analysis to essays and creative writing. I eat, sleep, and breathe literature and creative writing. In terms of my style and philosophy, my students referred to me as the ‘movie-quoting, book-loving, let’s get writing teacher.’ I believe in a relaxed and fun environment where the student feels comfortable, not just with me as a teacher, but me as a friend. Therefore, I tend to compare a text to a popular movie, because I find most students relate more to movies than to literature. For example, if a student is dreading Shakespeare, I ask them if they’re familiar with Lion King. When they tell me they are, I show them how it is an animated version of Hamlet. We work to find common ground, a connection to reading and writing that makes it more enjoyable for them, because at the end of the day, if they don’t enjoy it they won’t learn to care about it. I’m available for tutoring and preparing for college essays in the Scottsdale area.

Tutor's Education

Bachelor in Arts, English, Northern Arizona University; Master of Arts, Literature, Northern Arizona University;

Tutor's Hobbies

I love reading and writing stories, as well as posting movie/book reviews in my blog.

Certified Private College Essay Tutor in Scottsdale, AZ

I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Biological Sciences in May 2015 and plan on going to Physician Assistant school in the next few years. While as an undergrad at ASU, I worked for the College of Letters and Sciences as a Writing Fellow, where I TA’d for online English 101 and 102 classes. Being an English TA while studying Biology might seem somewhat odd to people, but besides being interested in the sciences I have a passion for writing. I’ve written three novels of carious genres (thriller, murder mystery, and horror) and hope to get them published someday.

My approach to tutoring is to help ensure that the student has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of what they’re learning. While it may be possible to get through a class by memorizing seemingly disjointed facts, students will have a much easier time learning and remembering information if they understand why it’s important in the first place, and how it relates to other things they’ve learned in the class or things they might know from their day to day lives.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Biological Sciences, Arizona State Universtiy;

Tutor's Hobbies

Yo-yoing, reading, writing, video games, board games, pugs

Certified Private College Essay Tutor in Scottsdale, AZ

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Human Communication with an emphasis in persuasion and social influence.

My primary areas of expertise are writing, GRE exam preparation, public speaking, and study success strategies. I also can assist with college essays.

In my scholastic life, I am both a graduate student and an undergraduate instructor. In the professional world, I am a skilled content and copywriter. In 2008, I began my writing career as a featured writer and copy editor for my college newspaper, The Jibsheet. In 2012, I began working as a freelance copywriter and copy editor and was commissioned as a freelance editor by beloved author Jerramy Fine. And in 2015, I joined Elevated Concepts as Director of Content.

In 2013, I was encouraged by an academic mentor to apply to grad school a year earlier than I had planned… this meant that I needed to study for, and take, the GRE within seven days! I kicked my study strategy into high gear and did very well on the exams. In fact, my scores were so good, I was selected for a full-ride tuition waiver to pursue my PhD.

When not writing, I enjoy baking gluten free delicacies, listening to TED Talks, hiking the beautiful desert mountains, and enjoying the Phoenix sun. I’m available for tutoring sessions in the Scottsdale vicinity.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Human Communication, Arizona State University; PHD, Human Communication , Arizona State University;

Tutor's Hobbies

Reading, writing, baking & cooking, hiking, taking my dogs to the dog park, traveling, boating, wine tasting, martial arts, meditation, journaling, and much, much more!

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