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Welcome to San Diego’s top-rated private statistics in-home tutoring service! All of the following San Diego statistics tutors are certified by Varsity Tutors, the leading tutoring agency in the country!

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All San Diego statistics tutors have been background checked, been interviewed, had mock statistics tutoring sessions, and been trained by professionals. We guarantee you will love your local San Diego statistics tutor or your money back! Get information regarding a top-rated statistics tutor today!

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Please Note: All tutors have been background checked, interviewed, participated in mock tutoring sessions, and been trained by professionals. 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Certified Private Statistics Tutor in San Diego, CA

I am a Statistics Tutor in the San Diego area. I am a current Social Work graduate student at USC. Even though my major is more focused on Social Science, I have a passion in teaching math courses from elementary to college level. I understand that some individuals get scared when presented with numbers, but it does not always have to be that way. I hate sitting in boring classes which makes it hard to concentrate on the subjects being taught. I want to provide my students with a fun learning experience that engages and encourages them to seek knowledge.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Psychology, San Diego State University; Masters, Social Work, University of Southern California;

Tutor's Hobbies

Reading, watching movies, cooking, MATH!

Certified Private Statistics Tutor in San Diego, CA

With a background in financing and accounting, I am more than capable of being a Statistics tutor to students in the San Diego area. I obtained a Bachelors in Finance and Economic Consulting from Indiana University-Bloomington. I have experience in corporate finance and accounting with a CMA and years of experience working for large corporations in various functions and capacities.

I also graduated from the Kelley School of Business with concentrations in finance and economic consulting. I built the algorithms of web applications for sale on Google Play and the Apple App Store. I am an expert Excel user and have built prototypes of successful websites and have created models for many different types of analyses.

When I’m not crunching numbers I am listening to music and eating good food. Looking forward to working with you soon.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Finance, Economic Consulting, Indiana University-Bloomington;

Tutor's Hobbies

Food and music

Catharine Hargenrader
Catharine Hargenrader - A Statistics tutor in San Diego, CA

Certified Private Statistics Tutor in San Diego, CA

My name is Kate and I am currently in my final year of graduate school at the University of San Diego. My background in Marine Science and Biology will help me be a great Statistics tutor to students in the San Diego area.

I have worked with children for many years through private babysitting and tutoring companies and have a vested interest in training the next generations to be strong citizens in society. I have a highly dynamic approach to learning and believe in utilizing repetition through visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning for all age groups to make the learning process FUN and inviting!

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Marine Science-Biology, University of Tampa ; Masters, Marine Science, University of San Diego;

Tutor's Hobbies

Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Photography, Painting and DIY Projects, Spending the Weekends with Friends on the beach and in front of the couch, I love all types of music but especially country!

Victoria Madden-Beatley
Victoria Madden-Beatley - A Anatomy tutor in San Diego, CA

Certified Private Statistics Tutor in San Diego, CA

Sometimes, we all could use a little help in academia, whether in specific subject matters, or general questions. I struggled to find a tutor in college that could help me understand academic topics. As a Statistics tutor, I believe I will be able to assist students in the San Diego area with their work. Students will learn how to read and interpret data, manipulate data, and calculate probability.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Science, Pre-med Biology and have taken the MCAT with the intention to apply to medical school in the upcoming cycle.

Tutor's Education

Bachelor of Science, Biology, General, University of Florida;

Tutor's Hobbies

Hiking, Backpacking, Photography, Cooking, Skiing

Certified Private Statistics Tutor in San Diego, CA

Hi! My name is Debora and I have been a tutor and teacher for over five years. I love to tutor science and math, and as a Statistics tutor in the San Diego, I will be able to use my knowledge to find the best learning style for the student and break down complex concepts.
My corporate background is in aerospace, so I have lots of real world concepts to share with students. I believe that a tutor is a guide, and that one-on-one help with concepts help give a student the extra push they need to succeed. I am a very patient tutor, and continuously check a student’s foundational skills to make sure there are no holes in their understanding.

I am also available to tutor in many subjects. I work with many students a few times a week to help them complete homework. My hobbies include knitting, dog walking, reading and doing math problems for fun. I also enjoy traveling and have a workshop where I make lots of things!

Tutor's Education

Bachelor in Arts, Economics, University of Washington-Seattle Campus; Masters in Business Administration, Operations Management, University of Washington-Seattle Campus;

Tutor's Hobbies

Knitting, dog walking, reading, doing math problems, working in my workshop

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