2.1 Student Research Additional

Topic Progress:

Estimated Sub-Lesson Length: 15 – 30 minutes   |  Watch the video & complete the sub-lesson by filling in the blanks in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook!

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Great now that you know how much you can afford let’s being the research process!

Before we dive into researching specific Colleges I wanted to go over some additional miscellaneous College knowledge that I didn’t have the chance to discuss in the previous lessons.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • Alternative education
  • Western Undergraduate exchange program
  • How working at Starbucks can get you an FREE undergraduate degree
  • Athletic scholarships
  • ROTC scholarships

Student Research – Additional Video Tutorial.

Watch the video below and then review the powerpoint looking for the  symbol for links out to additional resources!

Before proceeding to next lesson make sure to complete the lesson located in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook.

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