1. Parent Research

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Estimated Sub-Lesson Length: 20 – 30 minutes   |  Watch the video & complete the sub-lesson by filling in the blanks in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook!

What can you afford to pay per year for college & alternative education? 

Please note: You don’t need to figure out the exact number, but figure out a ballpark so you can narrow down your college search. We will factor in scholarships and grants later.

______(savings per year) – ______(Alternative education budget) +  ______(student loans per year) = ________ (total affordability per year for 4 years) 

Wait! Why alternative education?

We live in the digital age! Education, information, and knowledge are at our fingertips!

If you want your student to stand outl, adding an alternative education budget is a MUST for most industries.

Looking to become a nurse or doctor? This might not be AS IMPORTANT, but it still will help! 

However, looking to become an entrepreneur, business executive, artist, writer, or programmer. THIS IS CRUCIAL! 

Why is this crucial? 

Because you need to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Everyone goes to college now and therefore receives a similar education.

How is this making you any different than everyone else? 

By investing in additional knowledge on top of your degree, you are creating a unique palette of skills that are different than everyone else!

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Over the course of a year, your student will transform by becoming more motivated, confident, and have the skills necessary to turn their newfound dreams and aspirations into reality.

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Pro Tips:

  • Only take out a maximum of $5,000 in student loans per year.
  • Set aside at least $2,000 per year for alternative education.
  • Just because you can afford a private university for $40,000 per year does not mean your student has to attend! Figure out what the ROI on the investment is!

Parent research video tutorial.

Before proceeding to next lesson make sure to complete the lesson located in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook.

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