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Lizzy Private Tutor

Lizzy S.

Lizzy is a full time student working towards her chemistry degree but she loves being a San Diego math tutor so much that she is always working with at least a couple of students. She looks at tutoring as an opportunity for her students to learn from her and her to learn from her students. With this philosophy she is always growing and improving her rang of teaching styles.

David Private Tutor

David R.

David almost finished with his mechanical engineering degree and hopes to get into the field of solar power. As a San Diego math tutor he understands that not all students learn the same way and has developed a full arsenal of tools to help every student learn even the most advanced math concepts. If one approach doesn’t work, he always has a backup in his arsenal of tricks!

Dalton Private Tutor

Dalton W.

On top of being a full time math student and a tutor, Dalton is also an assistant professor. He tutors at the college level but being a San Diego math tutor for high school students brings him the most joy. He finds few things more rewarding then helping ambitions students click with their schoolwork. In addition to math, he also specializes in physics tutoring.

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Our San Diego in-person and online Math tutors know the California State Standards and what the new common core requires. We also help students prepare for the STAR and high school exiting exam as required by California’s  Department of Education.

We even specialize in test prep and making sure your student does well on the Math part of the SAT exam and/or ACT test to maximize scholarships and get into the college of their choice. 


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Whether students get help in Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, or upper levels like Algebra 2 and calculus, our tutors show up prepared to bring results while still creating a safe learning environment.

  • Maybe it is because of all the tutoring tools our tutors have access to?
  • Maybe it is because our rigorous San Diego hiring process?
  • Maybe it is because of the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time based) goals and accountability we with our tutors and students.

We hire only the best so that we can bring you top results in San Diego!

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