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Payel’s SAT score was one of the highest of her class. She is graduating from the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University with a major/minor in electrical engineering and mathematics. She has 6+ years of experience tutoring for nearly every major subject including math, physics, biology, spanish, reading, and of course SAT prep.

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Alan has been a Phoenix in-home math tutor with us since November 2013. He specializes in all levels of K-12 math with a focus on higher level math like Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus. Alan is a graduate of ASU’s Barrett Honors College and is in med school.

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Melissa has been a Mesa math tutor with us since January 2014. She specializes in all levels of K-12 math including Algebra1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus and even has experience working with kids as a life guard and swim team coach with the City of Mesa!

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