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Families across the city trust Student-Tutor to deliver effective and caring Los Angeles SAT tutoring at a fair price.


Los Angeles SAT prep tutoring could be your ticket to scholarships and the best universities!

Our SAT Private Tutors must:

  • Score in the top 95%
  • Demonstrate mastery in all subjects
  • Have previous tutoring experience
  • Be engaging and personable! 

Top Los Angeles SAT Prep Tutors

San Diego SAT Tutoring by Suma

Hallie is almost finished earning her degree in Bio-Engineering. She has over 6 years of consistent tutoring experience. We were lucky to find a Los Angeles SAT tutor like her! In addition to test prep, she is also an expert in tutoring calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, and English, all at the AP level! She is very passionate about helping her students achieve their ultimate goals in life.

San Diego SAT Tutoring by Mark

Jarrod is such an exemplary Los Angeles SAT tutor, he was even awarded a large scholarship due to his interest in teaching as a career option. Needless to say he performed extremely well on the SAT and helps all of his students achieve the same. Currently working towards a communications degree, he is very patient and understanding in working with his students.


4 Reasons to Try Los Angeles SAT Prep Tutoring Risk-Free!


1. Effective & Engaging

SAT Prep for Graduation
  • Work with only the best tutors
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Free Academic Advising to guide and motivate

2. Accountable & Transparent

SAT Prep Class
  • Progress reports
  • Routine evaluations
  • Responsive advisors never leave you waiting for a call back

3. Flexible Scheduling

Online Tutoring same as In-Person
  • Get SAT tutoring when you want it.
  • Meet with a tutor at home, online or in-person at your local library!

4. Reasonable Pricing

Chandler SAT prep for Success
  • Not too high, not too low.
  • Our competitive pricing is well positioned to offer exceptional value for the money invested in your child’s education

We go beyond improved grades and test scores to help students eliminate stress, develop true academic confidence, become more ambitious, and increase their scholarship potential!!

Why Parents Choose Student-Tutor

We work harder to Spark Bright Futures for every one of our Los Angeles SAT students.


Parents and students love that we provide...

  • Only the most reliable tutors
  • Free academic advising
  • Goal-oriented focus
  • Accountability measures
  • Tutor Now, Pay Later!

Testimonials of our Los Angeles SAT Tutoring


"We tutored in lieu of doing the summer school program to go into 8th grade honors math. She didn't miss a beat going from regular class to honors, and maintained A's throughout the year." - Ming X.

"Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! My 9th grader is doing awesome in math class thanks to Hailey and your team! Your tutoring services are improving his math skills and freeing up time for other activities." - Carvin W.

"Wow! My daughter worked with Student-Tutor prior to her SAT. She was accepted to the college of her choice, got a $56,000 scholarship and that is just the beginning. I am a finance/marketing professional and this may be one of the best investments I have ever made." - Dale K.

Who is Student-Tutor?

Todd Vanduzer, CEO, Co-Founder, and Online Tutor

I'm Todd VanDuzer, the CEO & co-founder of Student-Tutor. My mission is to Spark Bright Futures. 

A quality education is fundamental to a lifetime of success, which is why I started tutoring in high school. Now we hire some of the best tutors from across the country! 

I leveraged my knowledge of the academic system to earn over $85,000 in scholarships. Attending a 4-year university didn't cost me a penny; in fact, I ended up making money! 

Talking to parents, we found that most don't get the support they need from schools to properly set their children up for college. So we set out to provide the best quality tutors and an unparallelled service to ensure that every student is on track to accomplish their academic goals.

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Chandler SAT Tutoring
Featured By Entrepreneur On Fire and Huffington Post
Featured By Arizona State University, CBS 5 AZ, and AZ Family 3

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