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Los Angeles Private English Tutor - Nykki

Nainika, or Nykki, is a future surgeon with the drive and determination to create success in all that she does! Her broad experience with a variety of ages lends itself the ability to have the perfect approach for all Los Angeles students! Nykki helps “Spark Bright Futures” by demonstrating her commitment to each student’s individual success, and doesn’t stop until their unique goals are met! Whether it’s learning the fundamentals of Reading & Writing, or preparing for the AP Literature and Composition test, you can count on Nykki to deliver exceptional results!

Los Angeles Private Reading & Writing Tutor - Dominic

Dominic is one of our veteran tutors! Over the last 3 years, he’s managed to help 50+ students achieve success, and has clocked over 1500 SAT/ACT prep hours! What makes Dominic so effective at helping Los Angeles Reading & Writing students is his experience with teaching nearly every subject! By tutoring challenging subjects like AP History and Government, Dominic has been able to dial in his methods of helping students craft 100% worthy essays, and teach the art of short paragraph and extended response answers. Dominic is a true master mentor!

4 Reasons To Try Los Angeles Private English Tutoring Risk-Free!

1. Eliminate Academic Stress

Work with the best tutors from all across the country! Our tutors are trained to double as mentors and eliminate student’s academic stress by using proven strategies developed over 10+ years of experience!

2. Develop Confidence

Confidence is built via measurable progress! Parents and students will receive bi-weekly progress reports and routine evaluations to create accountability, and ensure progress towards ultimate goal is being made.

3. Reach College & Life Goals

You’ve got the destination, we’ll help build the path! All programs include a strategy planning session with an Academic Advisor. After learning about your unique goals, the advisor will then build your unique program!

4. Get A Positive ROI

The average US student graduates with $37,172 in loan-debt! Don’t let that be your student! Our custom-fit programs are built to satisfy your budget, then position your family for REAL $$$ ROI in scholarships!

We go beyond improved grades and test scores to help students
eliminate stress,
develop true academic confidence, become more
ambitious, and increase their scholarship potential!!

Why Parents Choose Student-Tutor

We go beyond improving grades and test scores, and strive to “Spark Bright Futures” for each of our Los Angeles reading & writing tutoring students!

Student-Tutor Programs:

  • Help eliminate academic stress + improve student’s confidence!
  • Pair students with the doctors, lawyers, and educators of tomorrow!
  • Offer detailed progress tracking + your own accountability team!
  • Always include academic consultation and strategy planning!

Every English Tutoring program offered by Student-Tutor is custom-fit to satisfy the unique goals and budget of each family we serve.

Our trained Academic Advisors are excited to hear about YOUR goals and dreams, so they can build the RIGHT program with the RIGHT steps… for YOU!

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Who is Student-Tutor?

I’m Todd VanDuzer, the CEO & co-founder of Student-Tutor. My mission is to Spark Bright Futures.

A quality education is fundamental to a lifetime of success, which is why I started tutoring in high school. Now, we hire some of the best tutors from across the country!

I leveraged my knowledge of the academic system to earn over $85,000 in scholarships. Attending a 4-year university didn’t cost me a penny; in fact, I ended up making money!

Talking to parents, we found that most don’t get the support they need from schools to properly set their children up for college and life. So we set out to provide the best quality tutors, digital age courses, and an unparallelled service to ensure that every student is on track to accomplish their academic, college, and life goals!

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We go beyond improved grades and test scores to help students eliminate stress, develop true academic confidence, become more ambitious, and increase their scholarship potential!