Physics Tutoring & Test Prep for #{city}, the USA Students

Master physics, shatter test scores and boost your GPA!

One-on-one tutoring. Long term goal planning. Expertly crafted physics practice tests.

One hot afternoon in #{city}, a Neutron walks into a bar and asks, "How much for a Shirley Temple?" The bartender says "For you? No charge."

Did you get it? That was a physics joke.

If you didn't "get it" that's ok, because that's what we're here to work on. Physics is a challenging subject for many students, but it's a necessary section of the SAT and ACT exams as well as a fundamental component of many career and degree paths.

We all know standardized exams are the gateway to every student's dream college, so maybe it's time to team up with our expert tutors and academic coaches who can help take your academic prowess to new heights.

But first, what is Physics?

The dictionary defines physics as "the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them." The word itself means "knowledge of nature" and it is one of the oldest academic disciplines in history. It involves asking fundamental questions like "how does the sun keep shining?" and "Do heavier objects fall more slowly than lighter objects?" and trying to answer them through observation and experimentation. The answers to these questions often times lead to unexpected technological applications. Your PlayStation? Phone? DVDs? Say thank you to physics.

What are the benefits of physics tutoring for Students?

Tutoring offers students I #{city}, the USA the chance to work with a mentor one-on-one, as opposed to a crowded classroom. Not everyone learns and retains information the same way, and why should they be expected to?

Individualized attention helps students who are struggling or falling behind to catch up and feel better about themselves while doing it. Tutoring sessions are created specifically for each student, pinpointing trouble areas and finding opportunities for improvement.

Tutoring may also provide students who aren't satisfied with their current coursework a chance to challenge themselves and move ahead of the class, setting themselves up for future success and an easier transition to collegiate level studies when the time comes.

Helping students to truly understand the material not only helps boost grades and GPAs, it also helps to improve confidence, attitudes towards learning, study habits, and encourages self-discipline. All of which will help the student become a better, more well-rounded learner, preparing them for both college and future career paths ahead.

There really are no downsides.

What to expect with our local #{city}, the USA Physics Tutoring Services

Our tutors are hand-picked from across the country and do more than _just _tutor. They guide students through a very stressful time in life and teach them valuable life and academic skills that will benefit them across a broad range of academic subjects as well as career paths.

Our Physics Tutoring Services Aid with:

  • Improving note taking skills
  • Identifying key concepts for tests and quizzes
  • Memorization techniques
  • Comprehension techniques
  • Study strategies
  • Time management
  • Test preparation and test taking tips
  • And more...

Our academic advisors are knowledgeable not only on creating an individualized study regime for your student, college planning, scholarships and more. And our practice tests are meticulously designed, with questions derived from over eleven years of dissecting SAT and ACT exams and put together by experts.

Physics Tutoring Services: Strategy Overview

With combined decades of experience in helping area students excel at Physics and other subject matters, our team has devised a battle-tested and proven strategy to help you or your student achieve their highest level of academic performance.

Below are a few of the tactics our strategies employ.

Pinpointing difficulties

We start by evaluating the part of the curriculum students are struggling with. Whether it be stress, disorganization, low test scores, unfinished or poorly completed homework, study skills, or specific topical areas that seem to be bottle necks.

By taking a holistic approach, we can work to develop highly personalized programs and sessions for each individual student. Based on the evaluation, students will be paired with a tutor that best suits his or her needs. Tutoring will take place either in-home or online, with a goal of helping the student learn in the way they best digest and retain information, as well as on flexibility with scheduling.

Developing Plans and Goals

An individual and dynamic study system will be developed for your student. We will then help establish you and your student's S.M.A.R.T academic goals. What does that mean?

  • Smart
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

The first step to reaching a goal, is to map out the steps to get there. Setting smart goals encourages accountability of both the tutor and the student in taking progressive steps towards the final objective, be it acing the next SAT or ACT, improving grades or GPA, or passing placement tests for college level studies.

Executing and Administration

Parents and students alike will receive regular weekly or bi-weekly engagement and progress evaluation reports, have access to an online discussion platform and receive tutor feedback. There will also be regular evaluations with an exert advisor to help keep you and your student on track and produce consistent and continued personal engagement and results.

Students will have the opportunity to cover twice the amount of course material in half the time by taking advantage of our on-demand SAT and ACT curriculum in-between tutoring sessions (if desired).

Get the help you or your student deserves – call us today

Contact us today and let us help you and your student reach the academic goals you both desire. We strive for better grades and top test scores, but we provide much more than that. We help students eliminate the stress of this hectic time in life, and inspire and achieve true academic confidence.

We encourage ambition and help students reach their top potential through the implementation of time-tested strategies that work, and work well.