#{city}, the USA Education Center

Not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace. If you or your child needs assistance, our digital education center is here to help. High school is a particularly important time, as the grades and test scores earned during this period impact college admissions, scholarship opportunities, and more.

Navigating tests like the ACT and the SAT can be a challenge as well, especially if you or your child has difficulty with test-taking. Our #{city}, based online education center will support you or your child in the areas where help is needed, can match you with online or in person tutoring with a local educator that can provide you or your student with the tools and resources to succeed.

Education Center: Assessment and Testing in #{city}, the USA

One of the most important things that we do is get to know you or your child. We review areas of academic strengths and weakness in order to find areas of opportunity that allow use to quickly and efficiently help move the needle in the right direction. Whether you need help with improving reading comprehension, developing study skills, or learning testing strategies, we tailor our programs to meet your needs.

Education Center; Academic Tutoring in #{city}, the USA.

If you or your child would like to improve your grades, we can help. Our education center offers tutoring in several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Math: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics, pre-calculus, and calculus
  • Chemistry: General chemistry, organic chemistry, and advanced chemistry
  • Reading: Reading comprehension and improving vocabulary
  • Writing: Composing essays, outlining, and supporting ideas
  • Physics
  • History

Our tutors and academic coaches can assist you or your child with understanding assignments, completing papers in a timely manner, and developing the study skills they need to succeed in these subjects and beyond.

We don't do the work for students, but rather support them and provide assistance with improving essential skills like comprehension, understanding and writing so they can succeed across a broad scope of academic subjects. We will help you or your child improve your grades and develop a sense of confidence that will carry them through their academic career and beyond.

Education Center: Common Core in #{city}, the USA Curriculum

The requirements for success in a Common Core curriculum are different from the expectations of the past. Students are required to do more than just compute mathematical problems or fill in the blank. A few focus is on substantiating the work done to reach the conclusion or answer.

Students need to be able to explain why they used the approach they did. We'll help you or your child develop reasoning and critical thinking skills, so they can effectively communicate and validate their answers with logical responses.

Additionally, as the #{city}, the USA education system has evolved, science and history require higher levels of reading comprehension than ever before. We can help you or your student tackle challenging academic texts, identifying important topics and utilizing effective note taking and memorization tactics to retain the information necessary to ace the next exam. We'll also help students develop vocabulary and learn how to find the meanings of unfamiliar words in order to gain a deeper understanding of the materials at hand.

Education Center: College Preparation for #{city}, the USA Students

The jump from high school to college-level work can be intimidating. College requires self-direction and advanced study skills that you or your student might not yet be prepared for.

We can help you or your child get ready by developing their skills in several areas, including:

  • Goal setting: We'll teach you or your student how to break large projects into small, manageable chunks and finishing each aspect of an assignment.
  • Time management: High school and college life are busy. Learning how to devote time to what's important is an important skill for school and life in general. We'll teach strategies that work for you or your student.
  • Test-taking strategies: We will assist you or your child in learning how to read questions and choose the best answer. For essay-based tests, we'll teach you or your child how to develop essays quickly that fully meet their professor's requirements.
  • Reading comprehension strategies: We'll teach you or your child to go beyond just reading the words on a page. We'll teach you how to focus on the main idea of a passage and note what is important.
  • Note-taking: Lectures and reading can get overwhelming. We will teach you or your child how to actively listen to the material being delivered and take notes on what's really important.

Test Preparation

Achieving high test scores on college admissions exams is critical to getting into your school of choice and improving your opportunities for scholarships and other academic awards. But taking and preparing for these tests can be overwhelming and often challenging. Our education center can help you or your child prepare for these entrance exams so you can tackle them with confidence. We provide test preparation, practice testing and test taking assistance and tutoring for the ACT, SAT and other popular standardized exams.


The ACT is a standardized college admissions test with four required sections: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. You can also opt to take the optional writing section. Each section is timed, which can add pressure to the test-taking experience. We help students develop strategies for each section of the test, helping them prioritize areas where they can score the most points and best utilize the time allotted.


The SAT is also a standardized test colleges and universities review for admission. The test includes four required sections, which are reading, writing and language, math (no calculator), and math (with calculator). You can also write an essay, which is optional. As with the ACT, the SAT is timed. We'll assist your student in learning the best strategies for approaching each testing section so they can succeed.

Education Center: Tools and Resources

As you or your child progresses through their education, there are several skills that are essential to any subject. Memorization, for example, is an important skill but is a challenge for lots of students. We can teach strategies like using pneumonic devices to assist with memorization. We can also help your child learn how to assess themselves through self-quizzing and reviewing material.

Technology can be a great tool as well. We'll help your child learn to navigate important tools, format papers, and choose resources for research that are accurate and respected.

Education Center: Area Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to zero in on a specific skill or area within a subject. Many students struggle with structuring their writing, for example. We can work specifically on this skill, as well as many others during workshops (either group or one on one), so you or your child can write more quickly and effectively. Workshops can be set up for any specific problem area and can be a one-off session or on-going and either online or in person depending on your needs.

Getting Started

If you or your child needs assistance, we're here to help. If you're not sure where to start, we can help guide you in developing a program that will help you meet your goals. Whether it's improving grades, getting ready for an admissions test, or learning essential skills, we'll develop a program that's perfect for you.

We'll work with you to develop a tutoring schedule that meets your needs. We're here to help you succeed.