College Test Preparation for Students

You and your high school student have big plans for the future. Both students and parents realize early on the importance of getting into a good college or university, earning scholarships and going on to having an amazing and rewarding career.

Grades and GPA aren't all you Need to be Successful

Grades are good, but they are just one piece of the collegiate puzzle. The other side of the coin as it were are college entrance exams. In the US, this means the ACT and SAT. The ACT and SAT are standardized tests are used by colleges and universities as a measuring stick to determine qualifications of acceptance in the United States.

Not only can these exams determine admission into almost every (worthwhile) university and college, they are also used as a wat for awarding scholarships to those that have applied themselves academically. Many students view these tests as one of the biggest challenges of their young lives, and put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform their best.

A professional tutor can give students an edge in their college preparation exams, helping them more effectively prepare for exam time allotment, application of the concepts that are worth the most points, prioritization of test sections, and more. This will not only academically prepare the student for the material that will be covered on the exam, but also give students the mental toughness and confidence they need to remain calm and collected when under the clock (each exam is timed).

Test Preparation Services – Overview

Spending the summer in test prep sessions with a tutor may sound like torture for many students. But that doesn't have to be the case. Our Phoenix based test prep tutors are engaging, personable and work to make the material as entertaining as possible. Your tutor will work with you side-by-side to ensure understanding of the material needed to maximize test scores.

Are you a good student, but one area holding you back?

Often, a student is already strong in certain topics covered on the exam but may need special attention to specific parts of the tests. A tutor can work with a student on the areas they need the most help. This will allow the student to better spend their time obtaining the skills that they need.

Tutoring can benefit even the brightest students as they prepare for college or the SAT/ACT tests. These tests include topics that may not be included in a high school curriculum and a tutor can provide college preparation to help your student for these important exams.

Individualized and Flexible Test Preparation

Offering flexible, individualized learning plans for any student, our tutors will help your student understand these critical concepts to succeed in the upcoming school year.

Since many topics that are covered on the SAT and ACT exams are not always included in the public school curriculum, or they are mentioned briefly and then passed, a tutor can broaden the student's understanding of these topics and help the student walk into the exam with more confidence and knowledge than relying on learning from school topics alone.

Comprehensive Test Preparation for the ACT, SAT and More

We can help your student prepare comprehensively for the SAT and ACT exams by covering the topics that they will see on their exam day:


  • Each test has a reading section where the student must read a passage and then answer questions about what they read
  • A tutor can help your student with reading comprehension exercises prepare him or her for this part of the test


  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Science (ACT only)
  • This section does not test specific knowledge of science, but instead a students understanding of scientific principles

What to Expect from Test Preparation Services

In-person Tutoring Sessions

Our tutors can meet with your student in the comfort of your home or at any other agreed upon location such as a public library or after school classroom.

Online Tutoring Sessions

Your student can receive online tutoring without a face-to-face meeting with his or her tutor. This can be done anytime/anywhere such as on a summer vacation. Your tutor is able to work with your child on the topics they need to cover, allowing your student to continue on their own time or pick up their studies during their next session.

Group Tutoring Sessions

Some students are better suited to learn in a group setting with their peers. Our group tutoring sessions ensure that each student gets the attention they need in this small group setting. Learning is a team effort and working together with fellow to tackle these tough subjects may be more palatable to many students.

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor for Test Prep

Since high school will generally not offer ACT or SAT test preparation to your student, they will need to study for these exams on their own time. Hiring a tutor will ensure adherence to their study plan and lead to success during this stressful time.

Studies show that a student performs better on tests when they are more confident. A tutor will help the student be prepared for success on test day. Since many students stress over these exams, a little extra work can translate to big scores!

No matter your student's goals, we provide the extra help and focus they need to succeed with their college entrance exams. Offering many options that are convenient for you and your student, please visit our website to take advantage of the opportunities we offer to your child!