2. Proven Process To Ensure College & Scholarship Success

Estimated Lesson Length: 2.5 – 3 hours  |  Watch both videos, complete exercise in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook, and complete the quiz below!

Please Note: The following lesson & exercise in the workbook should be completed by both parent(s) and student(s)! This lesson is NOT just for the student or parent. The team is needed for success! Share the video below if are completing this lesson at separate times. 

Did you know that the average student graduates with $37,172 in student debt! That is up $20,000 from 10 years ago!

In addition to graduating with an anchor of debt, only 49% of students go out and actually use their degree!

That means, the majority of students are going to College and spending 4-years of their life, just to graduate with a massive debt, and a diploma they’re not even using…

In this lesson, we will dive into uncovering hidden passions and motivations you may have not even known existed!

Afterward, you will learn everything you need to know about SAT/PSAT/ACT, academics and grades, and scholarships. This information is designed to ensure you receive thousands in scholarships and get into your dream school!

Be certain, the college process is not easy… this is going to take some effort!

However, you’re in luck! Consider this course your map through the treacherous college admissions wilderness, and use it to develop the RIGHT plan with the RIGHT steps to reach your goals!

Some facts we will go over: 

  • B’s in an AP/honors classes are NOT the same as A’s in regular classes.
  • Getting a B in elementary school or middle school is NOT ok since you are still learning the fundamentals.
  • The PSAT is not just a practice SAT exam.
  • Not everyone needs to take the SAT/ACT & SAT 2’s.
  • You can get scholarships regardless of how much money your family makes, how low your GPA is, and if you are not a star athlete.
  • High GPA, test scores, and president of your club will NOT get you into an elite university.
  • Going to a community college can actually be MORE expensive than a 4-year university.

Watch the videos (Part 1 & 2) below and then review the powerpoints looking for the  symbol for links out to additional resources!

Part 1: Lesson # 2 Video – Discover Your Passions

Part 1: Lesson # 2 Powerpoint – Discover Your Passions 

Part 2: Lesson # 2 Video – SAT/ACT, Academics, Scholarships, & College Entrance Requirements 

Part 2: Lesson # 2 Powerpoint – SAT/ACT, Academics, Scholarships, & College Entrance Requirements 

Before you take the quiz below and proceed to the next lesson, please make sure to watch the video in full and complete the exercise in the Student-Tutor digital age college & life planning workbook!

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