Estimated Course Length: 8 – 12 hours of work with average student completing in 4 – 6 weeks

Welcome to class # 1 of 6 of the Teenage Mastermind Program!

This course has been designed to help you become part of the 49% of graduates who graduate and ACTUALLY use their degree.  

We accomplish this by using scientific research on the Neocortex and Lympic human brain to analyze why you do what we do, how you feel accomplished, and the basic nature of the things you love to determine your overall purpose in life.

When you understand your purpose, you pick degree options, internships, and jobs that are more in line with who you are decreasing the chances of studying for 4-years, taking the wrong internship or job, and spending thousands of dollars on an education you will never use.

In order to ensure you are most successful with this course, we will break up the lessons into chunks and provide you deadlines for when they need to be completed.  (Expect 1 – 2 hours of work per week )

Both you and your accountability partner (typically parent/guardian) will receive email & text message reminders notifying you when your lesson is due.

If you end up falling behind a Student-Tutor Academic Advisor will give you a friendly call to hold you accountable and help develop a game plan to get you back on track!

We are dedicated to ensuring you complete the necessary work to discover your purpose in life! Together let’s spark bright futures!

Each lesson has a video and a powerpoint available that goes along with the workbook you will receive when you take the quiz to start the course below!

The video gives you a general understanding of each topic discussed while the powerpoint contains links that will go into each topic you were curious about in more detail.

The links will be displayed with the following symbol ().  Click on the symbol to be directed to additional resources!

Finally, if you have further questions you can:

  1. Reply to the emails we send you.
  2. Ask your mentor in the weekly virtual hangouts.
  3. Post in the Slack or Facebook group!!

Below is your introductory video lesson and powerpoint to get you started and help you discover your purpose in life! 

Powerpoint slide deck for video presentation above. (Clickable links to resources inside.)

After you have completed the REQUIRED introduction video above to this class, please proceed to start the course and get materials associated with this class by taking the quiz below!