Getting Started with the New SAT


STEP 1: Access our SAT analysis + plan of attack

Please note: You need a Gmail account to save the file on your drive. Click here to create one.


STEP 2: Click through PPT below to learn more about the SAT 

  • Links and buttons are clickable inside!
  • You can view the presentation on “full screen” to see better (just click the double/diagonal arrow on the bottom right-hand corner of the presentation)

STEP 3: Take the following Pre-Tests below

  • To identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • To help us plan a roadmap on the SAT analysis, you just downloaded for the best way for you to study.
  • Make sure we increase your score for more scholarships and prestigious school entrance

2 thoughts on “Getting Started with the New SAT”

  1. Can I retake the math assessment test? I got disturbed in the middle, because there were people talking around me.

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