4. Create Your Digital Age College & Life Attack Plan

Estimated Lesson Length: 3 – 5 hours   |  Complete the 4-part lessons below & submit your final assignment by filling in the blanks in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook!

Congrats on making it through the knowledge-based section of the course!

You now have the necessary knowledge to create the RIGHT plan with the RIGHT steps for College, scholarship, and life success!

At this point in the course, you have two paths to choose from:

Path #1: Finish this Course on Your Own

  • This will require an estimated 3 – 5 hours of initial research and planning, plus another 2 – 4 hours of detailed planning and implementation.
  • After the plan is solidified, it will be your responsibility to execute the plan each week for the next “x” years, and ensure weekly measurable progress and motivation levels are maintained.
  • If student accountability has always been a cakewalk, this is the path for you!

Path #2: Enroll in the Teenage Mastermind Program

  • We will help eliminate all present and future college stress by doing the initial research & planning for you. We base our research on each student’s unique goals and starting point, then build a custom-fit plan of attack to ensure they get into a great college with thousands in scholarships!
  • Over the course of an entire year (52 weeks), I personally ensure each enrolled student is making measurable progress toward his/her goals by meeting with him/her weekly and holding them accountable via our online hangouts with ambitious students from across the world!
  • In the weekly online hangouts, I introduce members to young professionals under the age of 35 who are running 7 & 8 figure companies, Olympians, crushing it in the corporate world, and more so they can find inspiration and develop key skills for a happy and successful future.
  • Throughout the year, they will discover their purpose, create life goals, become more focused & productive, develop a personal brand and website, learn to generate income online, and develop “real world” skills that will ensure they fill that “WOW factor” on college applications and THRIVE in this new era.
    • Class # 1: Discover Your Purpose
    • Class # 2: Goal Setting
    • Class # 3: Productivity & Organization
    • Class # 4: Website Development
    • Class # 5: Discover a Problem Worth Solving
    • Class # 6: Become An Expert in a Niche
    • Class # 7: Finance & Investing

PS: If you are worried they won’t have the time…  Please… don’t!

Although it sounds like a lot of GREAT information & knowledge (because it is!), I break it up into small chunks where students only need 1-2 hours to complete the assignments each week!

Over the course of a year, your student will transform by becoming more motivated, confident, and have the skills necessary to turn their newfound dreams and aspirations into reality.

If you are curious to learn more, please book a free 20-minute strategy session with us, and we’ll go over the details and make sure it is the perfect fit for your student’s particular needs

Click here to book a time to speak!

If the teenage mastermind program does not interest you or if you are already enrolled and want to further define your plan, please continue through the course by click on “1. Parent Research” below!

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