3. How To Stay Motivated And Reach Your College, Scholarship, & Life Goals

Estimated Lesson Length: 50 – 60 minutes  |  Watch the video, complete exercise in the Digital Age College Planning Workbook, and complete the quiz below!

Please Note: The following lesson & exercise in the workbook should be completed by both parent(s) and student(s)! This lesson is NOT just for the student or parent. The team is needed for success! Share the video below if are completing this lesson at separate times. 

Great! You have made it this far! You are one lesson away from creating your Digital age College & Life Attack Plan!

Now that you have the knowledge of what to do… how do you keep motivated? If you are the parent, how do you keep your teenager motivated to take action with this new knowledge? What’s it going to take to ensure a successful career and life? 

It all comes down to understanding the science behind what motivates us, and the habits and routines which build the foundation for success!

“People who know how to motivate themselves earn more money than their peers, report higher levels of happiness, and are more satisfied with their jobs, families, and lives.” – Charles Duhigg, Smarter, Faster, Better

Watch the video below and then review the powerpoint looking for the  symbol for links out to additional resources!

How To Stay Motivated and Reach Your College, Scholarship, & Life Goals

Before you take the quiz below and proceed to the next lesson, please make sure to watch the video in full and complete the exercise in the Student-Tutor digital age college & life planning workbook!

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