Productivity & Organization

In this digital age, we are bombarded more than ever with things commanding our attention and choices to make. You wake up to a couple dozen Facebook messages, Instagram notifications, Snap Chat videos, Twitter notifications, emails, text messages, etc.

Then throughout the day, the messages continue to come with targeted ads commanding more of your attention. You walk into a restaurant to order lunch and are offered dozens of more choices.

This constant demand for our attention may make you feel like you are always running behind and always have more that can be done. It is overwhelming and stressful.

Medical Daily stated in an article they posted in 2015:

“Research findings revealed human attention span has fallen from an average of 12 seconds in the year 2000 to just eight seconds today.”

Our ability to focus is diminishing faster than ever.

With less focus comes less progress, more stress, and fumbling to get things done at the last minute.

NPR stated:

 “Since 2013 teenagers have reported stress levels that exceed those of adults. And traditionally, parents have underestimated what their kids are feeling.”

In this class, we will provide you with proven productivity, organization, and mindfulness strategies adapted and used by world recognized experts such as David Allen, Tony Robbins, Pomodoro Technique, and more that will help you increase your focus, make your more productive, organized, and decrease the stress that comes with life.

The class begins with Britany Shula, CRYT certified, who teaches students the science behind mindfulness and how it can be used to decrease stress and increase focus & productivity.

Following, I, Todd VanDuzer, share to students how to leverage a few simple mind-hacks, techie tricks, and develop a habit to have a weekly R.O.P.E.R (renew, organize, prioritize, execute, and reflect) on measurable babysteps that align with semester goals will allow students to be less stressed, more productive, and achieve greater goals.

Stay more organized with homework, email, tests, and continue to make measurable progress to college & beyond!

You are meant to command your life. Life is not meant to command you.

Let’s be present and enjoy the ride.