Goal Setting

Did you know that only 41% of American usually make New Year resolutions and only 9.2% felt they were successful in achieving them according to The University of Scantron

That is only 3.86% of people setting and achieving goals in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY!

Imagine if you could become part of that 3.86% by using methods as seen in the world’s most trusted and read business and spirituality books?

Books include Traction, Scaling Up, Mastermind the Rockefeller habits, Smarter Faster Better, Think and Grow Rich, Lu Lu Lemons Goal Development Tips, Tools of Titans, and more.

You would be equiped to turn any dream into reality.

In this class, first we will dive into the science behind motivation and confidence, so you have a scientific understanding of what it is and how it works.

Next, we will bring in professional success coach Bri Seeley, as seen in Forbes, Inc, Huff Post, and the Daily Show, and she will show you how to develop a growth mindset and make a conscious change to your limiting beliefs you may have.

Finally, I will teach you about SMART goals, the value vs. effort diagram, and go over ten areas of life to focus on for a balanced life.

These strategies are the same strategies I have used to build Student-Tutor, earn over $85,000 in scholarships, develop a blog with over 85,000 monthly visitors, own 5 successful rental properties, become a writer for The Huffington Post, travel to over 35+ countries, rock climb up 2000+ foot walls, and more all by the age of 27 years old.

Afterward, together we will design our life using a strategy by Debbie Millman, considered one of the most influential designers of all time, develop 5-year dream goals, 1-year possible goals, and quarterly goals so we can turn your dreams into reality!

Are you ready to focus [quarterly goals] on the possibilities [1-year goals] and dream [5-year goals] fearlessly [vision board]? 

“We are learning both tangible and intangible tools to help us accomplish our goals. I feel more capable than I did at the start of this course and I highly recommend it to any student who wants to stretch their comfort zones and really grow as a person! You will learn applicable and valuable tools and have an amazing time doing so!”  – Sydney Millerwise, Grade 11