College Planning (2018)

The digital age has changed everything! The college process will never be the same!!

By completing this course, you will learn to create the RIGHT plan with the RIGHT steps for academic and life success!

If you’re looking feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about the college planning process… you’re in the right place!

Within this course, you will find the answers to ALL of your college strategy, direction, and execution based questions!

Did someone say… “Scholarships!?”

Yeah… we’ll be covering that, too! 😉

: The average student graduates college with $37,172 in student loan debt!! That’s $20,000 more than it was 10 years ago!!

FACT: 51% of students that graduate from college end up working jobs that don’t even require their particular degree!!

The Problem: On average, HALF of the students that go to college bind themselves to MASSIVE amounts of debt while spending up to, or OVER, 4-YEARS of their life studying for a degree they will never use!

The Solution: Complete our College Planning in the Digital Age course to help ensure you (or your student) does not become part of this statistic!

Save thousands of dollars on tuition costs, keep dozens of precious hours (by letting us do the heavy lifting!), and ensure you or your teenager is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to develop the RIGHT plan with the RIGHT steps for college, scholarship, and life success!

Together, let’s spark bright futures!

“It really opened my eyes to some of the myths and misconceptions one has regarding the College admittance and scholarship experience.”

– Victoria B.